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Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin, a Must-Have for Horror Aficionados [Review]

Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin, a Must-Have for Horror Aficionados [Review]

Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin by April Snellings is a massive hardcover tome of classic and pop-culture horror art. The works are masterclasses in cinematic and magazine art, done in a variety of formats and styles with crisp linework, texture, and shading. The illustrations are large and lush with vivid colors, crisp whites, and properly ink-slick blacks. The paper is thick, and the cover and spine are solid and well made — able to withstand repeated readings without breaking the spine or weakening. It is a book made to be ogled and pored over.

In addition to the wonderful art, you also get interviews and a biography of "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin's career, packed with insight into the work and life, dealing with deadlines and embargoes, people, and rights.

If you're into cinema, record art, video art, horror, or are simply a longtime fan of Pullin's work, this is the book for you. It's a large book — one to keep on your coffee table so you can enjoy it anytime you want and share with your friends. Even if you aren't a horror aficionado, there are plenty of iconic and recognizable works that have made their way firmly into the American horror cultural zeitgeist.

This isn't scary stuff for the sake of being scary. It's well-crafted horror art — iconic character pieces and posters that evoke the mood of the media they're attached to, as well as the characters' personalities. It's done with great skill and attention to color, mood, and detail. This is solidly, consistently great art from a technical and graphic design standpoint. You could likely teach several classes on design theory and horror in art on the works within.

This book was right up my alley. If you aren't afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night, it might be in your interest as well.

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