Comic Store In Your Future – 25 More Hot Comics From Captain Atom to Eternal Warrior

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. He writes: Here is the latest 25 hot comics list.

A few surprises for me this time.  I did not know the New 52 Green Lantern #20, the first appearance of Jessica Cruz is going for $25 online. I made sure to put one of our copies up online for sale.  It even beats out the older first appearance of Kyle Rayner from Green Lantern #48 from 1994. Poor Kyle, always second to someone else now.

Captain Atom #42 from 1990 is currently clearing $20. Death from Sandman's first appearance in a main DCU book.  I never knew that. I most likely passed up many chances to get a copy for a dollar over the years. Now I want to actually check out the comic.

A few no brainers on the list. With Natalie Portman announced as the next Thor on the big screen Jane Foster as Thor is in demand. From the first story of Jane Foster being Thor from What If #10 from 1978 to Thor #1 from 2014 when Jane becomes Thor in the main Marvel Comics Universe those issue are very popular.

Marvel Comics Presents #6 is still kicking butt for a comic almost a month old.

Without further delay here we go.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #344 1991 $29 1st appearance of Cletus Kasady, who becomes Carnage
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #30 2001 $25 1st appearance of Ezekiel.
  3. Batman Beyond Special #1 1999 $35 1st appearance of Terry as Batman Beyond in comics.
  4. Bloodstone #1 2001 $20.00 First Elsa Bloodstone.
  5. The Boys #1 2006 $70
  6. Captain America #6 2005 $40 1st Winter Soldier
  7. Captain Atom #42  1990 $25 First Death in the main DCU
  8. Defenders #4 1973 $45 First appearance of original Marvel Valkyrie.
  9. Defenders #17 1974 $30 1st Wrecking Crew
  10. Doom Patrol #99 1965 $150 1st appearance of Beast Boy.
  11. Eternal Warrior #4 Valiant 1992 $35 1st Cameo of Bloodshot.
  12. G.I. Joe #21 Marvel Comics 1983 $50 1st Storm Shadow in comics. Silent issue. One of my favorite comics.
  13. Green Lantern #48 1994 $20 First appearance of  Kyle Rayner
  14. Green Lantern #20 2013 $25 First appearance of Jessica Cruz. Green Lantern 20 also retailed at $7.99.
  15. Incredible Hulk #377 1991 $20 First appearance of Professor Hulk.
  16. Marvel Comics Presents #6 2019 $55 Intro of first full appearance of Wolverine's daughter.
  17. Marvel Premier #47 1977 $130 First Scott Lang as Ant Man.
  18. New Teen Titans #16 1982  $25 First appearance of  Captain Carrot.
  19. Spider-Man 2099 #35 1995 $25 1st 2099 Venom
  20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT IDW 2015 $30 1st Jennika.
  21. Thor 1 2014 $40 1st Jane Foster as Thor in main Marvel continuity.
  22. X-Men 4 1992 $15 First Omega Red.
  23. Web of Spider-Man 36 1988 $15 First appearance of Tombstone.
  24. What if 10 1978 $175 First story of Jane Foster as Thor.
  25. Young Avengers #1 2005 $29 First appearance of Kate Bishop, Hawkeye.

Hopefully you have some of these or all of these in your collection. If not and if you are hoping to find a copy perhaps your local comic store has a copy.  Captain Atom 42 before I typed this up would have gone to our dollar bin so there are possible great deals out there.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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