Comic Store In Your Future: The Current 25 Hot Comics

Welcome back to the latest 25 Hot comics! Yes, it has been a while. The back issue market is red hot. With all the comic books out there, what ones are the most in-demand? First appearances are all the rage. Marvel's Secret Wars limited series issue 3 is in demand even though the two first appearances for the issue are Volcana and Titania. Characters that were minor characters at best.  Jim Shooter's recent comments about a possible upcoming Secret Wars movie have made the limited hot!  Titania is due to be part of the upcoming She-Hulk show. If you have a first appearance of a character in comics, odds are you could have something worth more than what you paid for.

Comics characters to keep an eye on due to future upcoming projects.

Sandman is coming to Netflix, and Green Lantern is coming to HBO Max. Currently, for the Green Lantern show, it is known that Green Lanterns Alan Scott and Guy Gardner have been cast.

Hawkeye is coming to Disney's stream service. Kate Bishop's appearances in back issues are picking up interest.

Zenescope has teamed up with Linden Lab property Second Life to create a "Zenescope Metaverse" within their game to feature characters from Zenescope.  Will this bring more interest to Zenescope comics?

With movie theaters slowly getting more and more movies back in comic book related movies have and will finally return to the movie theaters this year, helping increase demand of various back issues.  Unless, of course, they keep getting delayed with everything going on.

Comic Store In Your Future: The Current 25 Hot Comics
Photo by Rod Lamberti

Without further delay, this month's hot 25 comics!

  1. Amazing Spider-man 361 from 1992 first appearance of Carnage $300.00
  2. Batman 89 from 2020 first appearance of Punchline $55
  3. Batman the Long Halloween 1 from 1996  $75
  4. Batman Vengeance of Bane 1  from 1993 first Bane $100
  5. Captain America 117 from 1969 first appearance of the Falcon $1,500
  6. Ghost Rider 28 from 1992 Midnight Sons and Lilith $40
  7. G.I. Joe 32 from 1985 first appearance of Lady Jaye $35
  8. Green Lantern 25 from 2008 first appearance Larfleeze and Atrocitus of $40
  9. Green Lantern 59 from 1968 first appearance of Guy Gardner $350
  10. House of Mystery 175 from 1968 first appearance of Cain $125
  11. Incredible Hulk 449 from 1997 first appearance of the Thunderbolts $100
  12. Justice League of America 40 from 2015 first appearance of Grail $30
  13. Punisher 218 from  2018 Punisher War Machine armor $20
  14. Sandman 1 from 1989 first Morpheus $260
  15. Secret Wars 8 from 1984  first appearance of Spider-man's black costume that would become Venom $200
  16. Shazam 28 from 1977 first modern appearance of Black Adam $400
  17. She-Hulk 1 from 1980 first She-Hulk $230
  18. Star Wars Kanan the Last Padawan 1 from 2015 $50
  19. Strange Academy 1 from 2020 $90
  20. Static 1 from 1993 first Static  $60
  21. Superboy 9 from 1994 first King Shark $40
  22. Thor 372 from 1986 1st TVA $45
  23. Vengeance 1 from 2011 first appearance of Miss America Chavez  $370
  24. X Men Annual 14 from 1990 Gambit cameo $50
  25. X Men 4 from 1992 first appearance of Omega Red  $60

Happy hunting through those collections and local comic stores!

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