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Industry: Kit Harington (Not Jon Snow) Joins HBO Series' Season 3 Cast
Kit Harington has joined Industry, HBO's other hit show about people working for an evil capitalist system, except unlike Succession, it's not funny The third season of the series is about banking and the financial system as Hell is about to start production Alas, the character Harrington will play is not Jon Snow. Kit Harrington as[...]
lena dunham
HBO just announced that Lena Dunham, creator of Girls, will be directing and executive producing Industry, an eight episode drama that follows a group of people as they navigate working in the banking industry. Credit: lev radin / The series was handed a full 8 season pickup by the network, with British writing team Mickey Down[...]
How Amazon Buying ComiXology Could Be A New Revenue Stream For Comic Stores
Honestly, I think we are positioned very well for the future. However, if for some reason, I am wrong and Amazon conquers the Comic Industry by sending drones to your doorstep with Wednesday comics and most brick & mortar shops go out (like mainstream bookstores), I hope that after 35 years Golden Apple may be the[...]
There's a certain comics executive who is a little bit on the mean side. He finds cosplayers who, in his opinion, have failed in their cosplaying efforts,
So It's 'Who You Know'. So What? – Lee Barnett Is The Adult In The Room
They blow deadlines, or are discourteous in their outlook, attitude or work. Fair enough, you don't hire them again, and you view further recommendations from their referee with suspicion. But providing references to others is how every industry works; the process relies upon competence and honesty from those both giving and those benefitting from the references. Comic books[...]
What Do The Comic Industry's Christmas Cards Tell Us?
Here's a few of the many industry Christmas cards send by publishers, retailers and creators alike, that may need further exploration or interpretation. Don't turn your back on Santa, or he'll empty his sack That'll wipe the smile off your face. White kids get cowboy hats, black kids get basketballs. Green Lanterns are real cheapskates[...]