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Comics Vs MisterE2009 (UPDATE)

Comics Vs MisterE2009 (UPDATE)Here are some posts made by Twitter user MisterE2009, otherwise known as John V, and still online;

@happysorceress Vixen? Seriously? LOL. She's the most usless black female character in comics. And that's saying something.

@kellysue Captain Marvel sucks. Just sayin. Put that hot little piece of blonde pussy back in black thigh highs and move on already

@CertainshadesL I'm guessing you wouldn't be as amused if you were being gang raped by black guys in lois lane masks. Yeah, I'm thinking no.

@ronmarz right, because it's easier to go after spelling when you're to fucking lame to deal with the actual point. Nicely played, cunt face

@gimpnelly and being a liberal, you certainly love to embrace hate. You're just jealous that you're too ugly to be in porn, fucking mutt.

@GailSimone calls Condoleeza racial slur and liar, African American fans shocked at Simone's uncharacteristically intolerant/cruel comments

@MarkWaid refuses to disavow claims that he called Romney's wife "white corporate whore", fans shocked at Waids comment

@maguirekevin Kevin Maguire calles Condoleeza Rice an "ignorant ni**er war monger". Fans are shocked at artists racist comments

@MarkWaid geyser of lies, you mean like when he said that Mitt gave a woman cancer? Whoops! Fucking hypocrites like you make me laugh

Kind of like the time @laura_hudson said "white people are ruining comics". Yeah, that's not irrational, I'm just entitled for not agreeing

@Curicon @valeriegallaher @TheNerdyBird eh…bunch of no talent bitches that need a few hours as the star in a tentacle filled hentai film.

@Curicon @valeriegallaher @TheNerdyBird poor choice of words. Should have said "victim" instead of "star". The tentacles are the star.

And on and on and on. I've read his tweets for the first time tonight. I don't really think I've been missing out, and they reminded me of this video instantly. Well, it seems that one comic professional, Mark Millar has had enough. He tweeted;

A vile loser called @MisterE2009 is making sexual threats to female comic artists online. Please report his abuse via my next tweet.

And then reposted Dean Trippe's call to arms;

Missed Follow Friday. How about Report Abuse Saturday? I direct you to gang-rape threat provider, @MisterE2009. …

Mark continued;

Surely Twitter can trace this idiot @MisterE2009's IP address & report him to the police. His messages to female pros must be illegal?

Frankie Boyle filled him in;

Yes, they would fall under Malicious Communications, the anti stalking law essentially

With Ron Marz adding;

The account @JonVeee is the same guy as @MisterE2009. Report 'em both.

Mark continued;

I'm so disgusted by this I'll pay for the prosecution to stop others copying. Can the pros attacked get his details from Twitter?

@MisterE2009 needs to be made an example of. Will twitter pass his details to lawyers if female pros make police complaint?

You fucked with the wrong people, @MisterE2009. I look forward to having you in AT LEAST your local news :)

Okay, I've got @misterE2009's details now. Here's what we're going to do to get him prosecuted for his attacks… …

Note to those attacked by @misterE2009: Please DM me privately via Millarworld if you are willing to make formal complain to police.

It's 9.40am in San Diego, @misterE2009. I expect you must be waking up and kind of SHITTING yourself right about now.

Mark just updated with;

This guy abusing female pros and fans just been identified. He's married, 51 years old and will receive a visit from cops tomorrow.

Mark also told Lea Hernandez that misterE2009 had deleted tweets but "only the worst ones. Doesn't matter. Our guys saved everything."

You mean the ones that remain… are not the worst ones? Bloody hell. Mark made a final point.

A final word on this creepy guy. Do not go googling based on his twitter name as you will find innocent people. Leave this to cops now.

UPDATE: A few that was able to save;

@thejillthompson I think it's the same amount that you spend on nipple clamps and blown glass anal dildos. Hmm. no, you spend more.

@faitherinhicks Do you ever do any graphic novels on gang rape and how women really enjoy it? Feel free to draw yourself in sometime, cunt.

And a batch more, saved by one Jack Connell. Emphasis on the gang rape it seems.

Comics Vs MisterE2009 (UPDATE)

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