Confirmed: Bad Idea Comics First Appearances In Diamond Previews #408

Bleeding Cool was the first to break the Bad Idea news that last week's Previews catalogue from Diamond Comic Distributors included a brand new and exclusive comic book strip from Bad Idea Comics, The First Supper by Mark Waid and David Lapham. And we have a good chunk of it reproduced below.

What we didn't know that the strip would be full of comic book characters making their appearance in the upcoming Bad Idea Two Part One line of books, that the hardest of collectors will be ordering blind from a participating store, with no idea what the comics are or who they are by, in order to secure a Bad Idea sticker, as yet with purposes unknown. Previous promotions have made such things rather valuable of course. Or have secured you a rock. You never know with Bad Idea. As they say to those who have already pre-ordered with one of over two hundred comic book stores "If you have, then you clearly know us well! Well enough to know that we've definitely got something up our sleeve to make those that don't pre-order regret it." And they confirm that "Major characters from every single title in the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE slate of comics make an appearance. And not just an appearance, but almost all of them appear in this story before their own books even come out, in multiple panels, with dialogue, and we even name them! Eagle-eyed readers will also find the one character we snuck in from BAD IDEA TWO: PART TWO!" However, they also state "But, despite all that, these are not first appearances. They can't be. Diamond Previews is a catalog, not a comic book. These are marketing appearances, not in-continuity story appearances. You can't bag and board the story. Forget grading the thing. Surely, that's not how first appearances work…right?" Someone tell them how much that Marvel Previews catalogue showing off Miles Morales as Spider-Man goes for… no, don't bother, they know already. It comes up in The First Supper comic strip. Which has a bunch of characters from upcoming Bad Idea comic book stories sit around and argue about what counts as a first appearance, with Gambit, Wolverine, Miles Morales, Superboy, Nick Fury and many more thrown into the mix.

Okay, Bleeding Cool is going to make a judgment, It doesn't matter if you can't slab Previews #408, this is the first appearance of all these Bad Idea characters, Moose, Lowden Holiday, Chris Tracey, The Imp, Jake End, Jennifer End, Burning Man, Ora, Moss The Boss, Orc Necrowitch, Cerrin and Moko. First appearances the lot of them. And no one is changing my mind, Now, just wait until I pop off to Gosh Comics, round the corner from where I am writing this, and pick up five copies before I head to the pub. I note that copies of the Previews catalogue in question have already sold for $30…Confirmed: Bad Idea Comics First Appearances In Diamond Previews #408 Confirmd: Bad Idea Comics First Appearances In Diamond Previews #408 Confirmd: Bad Idea Comics First Appearances In Diamond Previews #408Confirmed: Bad Idea Comics First Appearances In Diamond Previews #408

BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE consists of seven mind-melting, long box-busting titles of pure comic book brilliance by, what is without a doubt, the greatest collection of writers and artists ever convened. An assemblage of comics so guaranteed to excite and dazzle that we're going to offer them for a very special blind pre-order!

No details about the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE stories, titles or the creators will be revealed until Thursday, September 8th. However, one day prior to the unveiling, we will be holding the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE PRE-ORDER DAY event — a chance to pre-order all seven of the books in the big BAD IDEA return and guarantee nothing BAD IDEA-y prevents you from completing your BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE collection.

That's right, there will be seven titles in part one and they are offering a blind pre-order from now until September 7th before you know what they are. The first ten people to pre-order all seven titles at each participating destination store will get a sticker.

1 – BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE is made up of seven titles (15 issues) on-sale between November and February.
2 – Connect with any BAD IDEA Destination Store ONLY on Wednesday, September 7th (in-person or by any other means accepted by the store).
3 – Pre-order all seven of the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE titles with your store. You are pre-ordering blind. No titles. No story details. No creative teams. Only the cover price and number of issues will be released by September 7th. Consult your store for their pre-order requirements.
4 – If you're one of the first 10 people to pre-order all seven titles at your store, you will be awarded a swanky BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE redemption sticker.
5 – The sticker can be used to redeem, from BAD IDEA, an extra, alternate, and exclusive story choice for one of the soon-to-be-revealed books in the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE line-up. WTF is a story choice? Oh boy, just you wait.
Miss the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE PRE-ORDER DAY and you'll miss the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE redemption sticker, along with the extra, alternate, and exclusive story choice it redeems. But, rest easy, you'll still be able to pre-order any or all of the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE line-up until each book's order deadline. Probably, I mean unless we're forced to lock orders after the pre-order. But that wouldn't happen, would it?

A sticker that can be redeemed to get different endings to the comics you buy. Perhaps a choose your own adventure title in the mix?

We'll know for sure the day after the pre-order deadline when all the stories, titles and creators are being revealed.  In any case, they seem very proud of the upcoming books even saying they are "without a doubt the best assemblage of stories any of us at BAD IDEA have ever been a part of." Bad Idea also seems to have added some new stores.

Bleeding Cool has also learned that all pre-orders are "guaranteed first printing fulfillment regardless of any allocations." Perhaps to try and avoid a repeat of the heavy allocations that occurred on their final release, Odinn's Eye.  Also of note, Bad Idea says "we have plans for you haters". Something we understand involves New York Comic-Con. This is also. remember, just part one of their big return…

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