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Diamond Comic Distributors, Now With Added Bubble Wrap

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, Iowa, got his Diamond Comic Distributors delivery for this coming Wednesday, yesterday. Which is pretty early for Diamond, but there's more besides. We'd previously looked at the large amounts of packaging that comic book stores had been receiving from new DC Comics distributor Lunar Distribution created by DCBS, especially in […]

Archie's Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits!

Archie Comics is Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, American's. With the unofficial start of summer here, it's time we took a peek as to what's coming to us this summer from Archie Comics via Previews. Now these books won't be out until August, but you can get your orders in now with your favorite local comic book shop. Archie […]

X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers

X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Cover

The May/June edition of Diamond Comic Distributors' monthly Previews catalogue arrives in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday, May 27th after a brief hiatus and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale from the beginning of August 2020. It begins, oddly, with X Of Swords. The […]

Comics Store In Your Future

Will You Find Corona Collectibles in a Comic Store In Your Future?

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. He writes about the latest in corona collectibles; I read this on Bleeding Cool's article on ICV2's interview with Steve Geppi. "Our comeback will be bigger than our setback." – "If you recall, back in the 50s, when the government wanted […]

Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter

Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics in Ankeny, Iowa shows off the Diamond Comic Distributors boxes coming through, with products on sale today. With the big friendly Our Comeback Will Be Bigger sticker on the side of the Diamond packages. So what will one find on the inside? It's not quite the Lunar Distribution massive bubble […]

Steve Geppi's Lack of Social Media Filter - and Backing the Comeback

Steve Geppi's Lack of Social Media Filter – and Backing the Comeback

Steve Geppi is the CEO and owner of Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest physical distributor of pop culture in the world. The distributor was closed to new products for a couple of months due to the recent pandemic but is roaring back to full distribution this week in comic stores across the world. As a […]


The New Distribution Wars – Lunar, UCS and Diamond

Let's have a look around the three distributors of DC Comics titles this week, Lunar Distribution, UCS Comic Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors. Diamond is doing their big comeback campaign and have even gotten the former publisher of DC Comics Dan DiDio to wear the short. Mine must be lost in the mail. It looks […]


Will the Comic Industry Really Have 'Pandemic Collectibles'?

Steve Geppi, CEO and President of Diamond Comic Distributors, has been doing the equivalent of late-night chatshows talking up the return of Diamond Comic Distributors to comic stores later this month. We looked at the big rollout on Wednesday, but he gave further promotional details to ICV2 earlier in the week, telling us all about, […]


Oops – a Few DC Comics Through Diamond Will Be Delayed Further

Diamond Comic Distributors shut their doors to new comic book product at the end of March. DC Comics looked to their two biggest comic store customers, DCBS and Midtown Comics to create two new distributors to ship DC Comics titles across the USA – and a little bit of Canada. It all got a little […]

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Source Point Press Launches Corner Box for Distribution

Source Point Press, publishers of The Plot, Skylin, Broken Gargoyles, Bug Bites, No Heroine and The Fuhrer And The Tramp announced the below on Facebook this morning. UPDATE: Despite this including the phrases "we don't need a traditional distributor at all" and "we are switching our business-to-business offerings (publisher to retailers) to the marketplace provided […]

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Diamond UK Goes To Fortnightly Shipping

Diamond UK has updated comic book stores in the UK, and other territories that rely on their distribution, about dates of delivery. Stores who can receive product should now have the delayed March 25th shipment that has been sitting in Diamond's Warrington warehouse. Their new deadline for products ordered in the April 2020 Previews will be […]

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Diamond Comic Distributors Calls on Retailers to #BackTheComeBack

Today, Diamond Comic Distributors sent out the below letter to comic book retailers for their #BackTheComeBack campaign, for distribution from Diamond to return to comic book stores from this coming Wednesday and beyond, stores-depending. Geppi previously stated that every store would have to make that call for themselves and the campaign is non-date specific. However, […]


Erik Ko of Udon on New York Cons, Diamond Shutdown and Surviving This

Erik Ko, Chief of UDON Entertainment, the anime and manga publisher, behind the Street Fighter comics, gives Bleeding Cool and update on what his studio has been up to during this pandemic – "As a little boutique publisher, UDON is lucky to be in a position to not rely on churning out tons of products […]

Diamond Skips Previews For May, Doubles Up In June.

DC Comics to Release August 2020 Solicitations on Friday

DC Comics has confirmed that August 2020 solicitation detailers will be released to the world this coming Friday, May 15th. Usually one of the first to the traps, we can expect on past form for the following week to provide August 2020 solicitations for everyone else, full August 2020 solicitation details to be released on […]


Diamond Comic Distributors Confirms May 20th Date for Comic Shops

Okay, so DC Comics jumped the queue, courtesy of Lunar and UCS. Diamond Comic Distributors has been saying that it was planning for a May 20th onsale date for comic book stores that are able to reopen in the current climate. The company, which has been closed to new comics since the beginning of April, […]

Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future

Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future

In a question-and-answer session with Newsarama's Chris Arrant, DCBS and Lunar Distribution's Christina Merkler answered a number of questions about Lunar, DCBS and being a distributor of DC Comics. We learned pretty much what we already knew about what wa happened and what had happened. But Merkler did talk about the future. When asked about […]


Cushions, COD and Conflicts – the Latest From Lunar and UCS Comics

One Canadian comic store gave us a break down of the costs of doing business with one of the new DC Comics distributors, Lunar Distribution. The first week of titles, they were charged over half of the cost of the comics in shipping (that level of packaging doesn't come cheap), and even more by Canadian […]

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DC Comics Schedule for June – Including Batman #92, #93 and Punchline

DC Comics has revealed all the titles it will be distributing to comic stores through Diamond Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution, and UCS Comic Distributors. Including dates for a certain Batman #92 and its Punchline-inspired quarter-of-a-million print run, Batman #93, The Joker 80th Anniversary and a new name for The Last God Sourcebook. Looks like June […]


DC Comics Totally Dominates Advance Reorders With Catwoman

Advance Reorders are back – we haven't had this column for a month, but the Diamond stats are in as retailers are starting to up their orders on FOC. Because DC Comics set everyone's Diamond orders to zero, this is basically a DC order column and shows you what retailers are ordering from Diamond for […]


Scout Comics Joins DC, Goes Direct To Retailer With New Distributor

While the comic book industry returns to distribution through Diamond Comic Distributors and DC Comics' new alternatives, it is not an open playing field. Only a few comic books will be coming through at first, in a reduced manner. Diamond's Steve Geppi has talked about not giving a starving person too much food all at […]