Adam Wallenta on a Diamond Dilemma for Punk Taco

Comic creator and publisher Adam Wallenta has issued the following missive to comic book retailers. He writes, I was hit with the news that Diamond would not be distributing any new books in the coming week/months the other day and it felt like the Hulk kicked me in the gut. I did not receive this […]

diamond gem awards 2019

Once & Future and Spawn Top Diamond Gem Award 2019 Winners

Courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, here are the winners of the Diamond Gem Awards of 2019, voted on by comic book retailers in the direct market. Diamond says that "nominees were chosen by a panel of Diamond product specialists based on their overall impact on the industry, while comics and related merchandise were chosen on […]


Jesse James on Dealing With Diamond and Steve Geppi

There has been a lot of… let's call it discussion over the closure of Diamond Comic Distributors to new comics product over the coronavirus pandemic. Jesse James Criscione of Jesse James Comics in Glendale, Arizona, a comic book that famously dropped Diamond last year, posted the following, shared with Bleeding Cool, I started working in […]

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Marvel Comics Let Diamond Off The Payment Hook For Now

In Marvel' newsletter sent to comic book retailers by Diamond Comic Distrbutors, Marvel Comics have repeated what they told them last week. This was before Diamond Comic Distributors closed its door to new products of course. And while the letter hasn't been updated to include what Marvel will be doing for April 1st, because frankly, […]


Diamond Comic Distributors Making Redundancies Today

Bleeding Cool has been notified by informed sources that Diamond Comic Distributors has been making staff members redundant today. We don't know the scope of such redundancies, how many or at what level, but I understand it includes senior staffers. Bleeding Cool had reported that Diamond had closed doors to new product as a result […]

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Diamond UK Holding Onto This Week's Comics for Safe Keeping

While US comic book retailers were allowed to sell this week's comic books from Monday (if they could get them) ahead of a number of lockdowns on Tuesday evenings, and able to fulfil mail orders since, Diamond UK took the matter out of British comic shop's hands, by not distributing comic books at all this […]

Steve Geppi and Diamond Making Plans For After The Coronavirus Pandemic

Steve Geppi, Chairman & CEO, Geppi Family Enterprises; Founder, Diamond Comic Distributors, has issued another statement regarding the current state of play in the comics industry, while coronavirus pandemic strictures remain in place, and Diamond is not distributing new product in the USA after tomorrow, and not at all in the UK. Summarising the current […]

At 69, Diamond's Steve Geppi Creates Office Of The Chairman, an Advisory Board and a New Line of Credit From JP Morgan Chase

Diamond's Steve Geppi Confirms Closure, No New Comics After This Week

Bleeding Cool broke the story earlier today that Diamond Comic Distributors was closing its doors for the foreseeable future, for all new product, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the comics industry – and everything else. Steve Geppi, Chairman & CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises and Founder of Diamond Comic Distributors just confirmed […]

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Diamond Says All Comics For This Wednesday May Be Sold Now, Today

Diamond Comic Distributors has told all comic book stores that they may put all product with an on-sale date of this Wednesday, up for sale right now. Diamond did this last week for Tuesday, the day which most stores traditionally get that week's new comics, and prep them for sale on the following day. So […]

Long Read: Is This An "Extinction Event" For The Comic Shop As We Know It? Or Are They "Too Stupid To Quit, Too Dumb To Die"?

Diamond Comic Distributors No Longer Taking In New Comics

Bleeding Cool has been informed by multiple senior industry figures that Diamond Comic Distributors is requesting that no more product be shipped to any of its warehouse until further notice. Product already in its warehouses will be distributed, such that it can, but after that they will be distributing no more comics, magazine, books, toys, […]

At 69, Diamond's Steve Geppi Creates Office Of The Chairman, an Advisory Board and a New Line of Credit From JP Morgan Chase

Diamond Is Co-Ordinating A Coronavirus Response With Major Comic Book Publishers

Bleeding Cool has been covering the response of many comic book publishers to the coronavirus pandemic, especially in regard to concerned comic book publishers. Image Comics and Dynamite Entertainment have made all titles returnable, Marvel has increased discounts, Aspen has closed production and Vault Comics has delayed publication of titles. But there is clearly more […]

Umbrella Academy and DCeased On Covers of Next Week's Diamond Previews

The April edition of Diamond Comic Distributors' monthly Previews catalog arrives in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday, March 25th (Thursday in the UK now it seems) and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale beginning June 2020. Unless things change. The front cover features Dark […]

Diamond Comic Distributors Enact New Policies Over #Coronavirus Fears

While some comic book publisher staffers are able to work from home, it's a little harder at a comic book distributor. Chris Powell, Chief Relationship Officer of Geppi Family Enterprises, has issued the current advice to customers of Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors. Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors take our vital […]

Nominees Announced For Diamond's 2019 Gem Awards

Courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, here are the nominees for the Diamond Gem Awards of 2019, to be voted on by comic book retailers in the direct market. Participating comic store owners will also be entered in a draw to win a $200 Diamond Select Toys backlist credit, and five will also win one box each […]

Diamond Cancels Its 2020 Retailer Summit in Orlando, Florids

Diamond Cancels 2020 Retailer Summit in Orlando, Florida, Over Coronavirus Fears

As the impact and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Diamond Comic Distributors has made the decision to cancel their 2020 Retailer Summit scheduled to take place from April 14th to 16th, originally planned to be held in conjunction with MegaCon in Orlando. Diamond states that We do this out of an abundance […]

How to Recycle & Reuse Diamond's Shipping Boxes

Diamond to Launch Weekly Replenishment Orders for Comic Stores

Right now, comic book retailers receive their backlist orders – orders for already published comic books and collections – as part of their weekly shipments for new comics. But it seems that is changing – for US customers at least. Diamond Comic Distributors has told retailers that they will instead be receiving a new, 'weekly […]

Dark Horse , Penguin Random House andMore Comic Creators Pull Out Of ECCC Over Coronavirus Concern

Retailer Breakfast and Diamond Select Toys Cancel at ECCC Over Coronavirus Fears

Regular readers of Bleeding Cool look forward to our coverage of Diamond retailer breakfasts, held in conjunction with specific comic book convention and the first of this year was timed to run alongside the Emerald City Con Con in Seattle next weekend. Well sadly it is the latest to fall foul of the coronavirus at […]

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

Ah, the new year. A time for change. For examining the past and looking forward to the future. For cranking out think-pieces on a holiday to fill an article quota. The perfect time to talk about comics' greatest failure: digital comics. When digital comics were first introduced to the superhero comics industry over a decade […]

Diamond Confirms DC Comics' 5G

Diamond Confirms DC Comics' 5G

DC Comics has not used the phrase 5G publically yet. First mentioned by Bleeding Cool last summer as a major project that DC Comics was planning, it was only when DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio talked about publishing a timeline for DC Comics shared continuity or 'connective tissue' at San Diego, then unveiled the four […]