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Diamond Calls Round Comic Shops To See If They're Switching To Penguin
Recently, Bleeding Cool reported more changes to the distribution of comic books to the direct market of comic book stores, as DC Comics and Marvel have left the exclusive distribution by Diamond Comic Distributors DC is now exclusive with Lunar, Marvel with Penguin Random House – though the latter allows other distributors like Diamond to[...]
Diamond Comics Joins The Stupid Culture Wars
Nevertheless, it appears that Diam0nd Comic Distributors wants to have a go with their latest, making this the hot topic for this Wednesday's PreviewsWorld YouTube show. Diamond Comic Distributors Joins The Stupid Culture Wars See, that's what happens when you have Billy Tucci on; he gets to ask the topic of the next video[...]
Marvel Square Logo
When DC Comics left Diamond Comic Distributors, they kept the policy of Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) dates for retailers to change their orders closer to shipping time But rather than keep it on Monday night with all the other Diamond titles, they switched it to Sunday nights from Lunar or UCS – or the previous[...]
Marvel Cancels More Diamond Orders, Shops Must Reorder On New Terms
Marvel Comics cancelled all orders made by comic shops through Diamond on all the collections listed here coming out in October or later Instead, they must be reordered from Diamond using the new less favourable terms, or through Penguin Random House's possibly less favourable terms Marvel Comics have now added some more titles that have had their[...]
Marvel Cancels Diamond Orders Must Reorder On New Terms
Marvel Comics has cancelled all orders made by comic shops through Diamond on the collections listed below, coming out in October or later Instead, they must be reordered from Diamond using the new less favourable terms, or through Penguin Random House's possibly less favourable terms These have been added to this month's Previews – which[...]
Diamond Announces Online Retailer Summit
After a year of upheaval, Diamond Comic Distributors has announced the return of the Retailer Summit as an online event for 2021 on the 26th and 27th of September Content will include Vendor Presentations, Publisher Roundtables, Professional Development Workshops, a Virtual Exhibit hall, giveaways from sponsoring publishers, exclusive Summit sales, and prizes Diamond will also[...]
UPS Delays To Comic Stores - Especially In Southern California
Diamond Comic Distributors has received the following note from UPS, which they have passed on to comic book stores. We have been experiencing very heavy volume levels … We expect volume to continue to be strong and this is an [shipping] industry wide problem The surge in demand coupled with limited capacity have made the operating[...]
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After Diamond Comic Distributors lost 85% of DC Comics direct market distribution to its own biggest customer, DCBS, in the form of Lunar Distribution, it then appears to have lost the same amount of Marvel Comics direct market distribution to its Maryland neighbour, Penguin Random House However, Diamond had a get-out clause, those stores that[...]
Diamond Adds Demand Check To Help Decide Which TPBs To Reprint
Diamond Comic Distributors is adding a new service to its Final Order Cut-off Process, called "Demand Check" Here's how they describe it; When publishers make decisions regarding additional printings of trade paperback collections and graphic novels, they must anticipate demand and project sales using backorder quantities for product and anecdotal requests they receive from retailers[...]
Diamond Comic Distributors Launches Consumer Pullbox Service in June
Diamond Comic Distributors, the comic store distribution company that enjoyed a near-monopoly on the direct market, has announced a date for a new consumer-facing service, Pullbox from their PreviewsWorld online service A new service that allows comic shop customers a better way to manage their preorders and subscriptions with their local comic book specialty shop. The[...]
King Spawn Joins Porcelain On Diamond Previews Cover Next Week
Bleeding Cool previously reported that Maria Llovet's Porcelain from Ablaze would be on the front cover of next week's Diamond Previews catalogue, a first for the publisher On the back will be the cover to King Spawn, the new ongoing series from Todd McFarlane.And on the order form will be Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook's[...]
The New Marvel Comics/Diamond Deal And The End Of The Big Discount?
We wondered what the new Diamond/Penguin Random House/Marvel Comics deal would be, to entice comic book stores to stick with Diamond Comic Distributors for their Marvel titles rather than switch to PRH We expected a deal where Penguin would have a worse discount for bigger retailers but free shipping And Diamond would have a better[...]
Lunar Distribution
When Marvel Comics made the move to exclusive comic store direct market distribution with Penguin Random House (with a third party carving-out for Diamond Comic Distributors), it was expected that DC Comics might follow suit They had moved to DCBS/Lunar Distribution for comic store direct market distribution, but Penguin Random House already handled all their[...]
First Reactions To Marvel Comics/Penguin Random House/Diamond News
Last month, Bleeding Cool reported the news that Marvel Comics was moving its exclusive direct market business to Penguin Random House and away from Diamond Comic Distributors Although retailers could still order through Diamond, as a wholesale customer of Penguin Random House We also had 52 questions asked and answered by Penguin Random House to potential comic[...]