Cup O' Joe, As It Happens. Ish (UPDATED)

Joseph Schmidt writes from the Cup O' Joe panel at San Diego Comic Con;

The panel is attended by Joe himself, Axel Alonso, Nick Lowe, Steve Wacker, Brian Michael Bendis, Skottie Young, Rick Remender and more.

Bendis started the panel by talking about Angela and the Guardians of the Galaxy. He promised what we've all known, that Gamora and Angela will kick off the arc with a battle.

They showed some more Skottie Young covers, and talked about the high demand.

Next, Steve Wacker talked about the Eisner nominated Hawkeye and the fan's immense reaction. He then debuted a new cover by David Aja when Hawkeye returns in November, a Kate-centric story.

They then talked about the introduction of Burrito Cat.(A joke)


Next, Nick Lowe talks up the new Inhuman title, and revealed the name of the new character on Joe Mad's cover, Inferno.

Next up, Steve Wacker announced the return of Marvel UK, with a new series, Revolutionary War.

New art for Young Avengers was revealed, with artists such as Becky Cloonan, Joe Quinones, Ming Coyle, Christian Ward, Emma Vieceli and Jamie McKelvie.





After announcing another installment of Wolverine: Origins, the panel then opened the floor for questions.

The first fan asked about Avengers vs. X-Men, and why the Avengers were allowed to "stomp" on the X-Men. The panel then responded that everyone responded and saw the story differently.

Next question was about compartmentalizing or marginalizing readers by adding so many X-Men and Avengers titles. Joe responded by saying they only want to make books that will be profitable. The readers decide what they'll put out by voting with their dollars. "That's what people want to read about," he said.

A new fan praised the Marvel Unlimited series, and asked about why certain issues might be missing in the catalogue.

They discussed issues of rights with characters like Micronauts and ROM, and also securing the digital files causes problems.

Another man asks about Infinity, and how some alien race we've never heard of is hurting powerful races like the Kree and Skrulls.

Bendis and Wacker said that they will see those stories in Infinity and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The next question was about the role of Cloak and Dagger in the Ultimate Universe.

Bendis said that Galactus will be trying to eat the Ultimate Universe in new series, Cataclysm, where they will be front and center.

Fans praised Savage Wolverine and Frank Cho, while another fan asked about the Punisher.

The panel pointed the fan toward the new Trial of the Punisher series.

A child asked about the new Nick Fury and if his dad's backstory will play into it. Axel Alonso said, "It's a good year to be a Nick Fury fan." Joe Q. complemented the kid's taste, after which everyone clapped.

A question for Rick Remender, who says Uncanny X-Force blew the fan away (to many cheers). He asks about Wolverine being an Avenger, are we going to see his killer methods influence the Avengers.

Remender mentioned the Age of Ultron story. "It's going to come down to an idealogical conflict," he said. The Avengers have a particular ideology and are overlooking things they find unethical that Logan does. He says he doesn't see the Wasp ever coming to kill a person.

Steve split the team because he couldn't deal with it emotionally when he found out about X-Force killing Kid Apocalypse. Should Logan be on the Avengers? Thor sides with him. As a Soldier, Cap sees it, but as an Avenger he doesn't accept it.

The fan asked if he could by X-Men 50th Anniversary merch, Nick Lowe pointed him to the Battle Of the Atom crossover.

The next person asks why ORIGINAL Scott Summers was confused about water bottles when they came to the future, due to the sliding timescale. Bendis admits that he's done some anachronistic jokes, much to the chagrin of Nick Lowe. "We are idiots to ourselves about this as well," Benids said.

Next question was for Remender, when we'd see more of Captain America's past. Remender said, ISSUE 11!

Another guest said he was disgusted by the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. He then asked about a Deadpool movie. Joe Q. said that character is a Fox property, and to go ask them.

Someone asked about more All Female teams like the X-Men, the panel pointed him to Fearless Defenders, Uncanny X-Force, and a coming arc of Uncanny Avengers.

Another youngster asked about Avengers Arena, to which the panel said to wait for an announcement and "if anyone survives."

Someone who called himself Fonzie got berated by the panel for his nickname before he asked about a Live Action TV show based on Ultimate Spider-Man or Jimmy Hudson. They said both properties aren't with Marvel Studios.

Next question was about a Daredevil movie at Marvel. "We just got him back, but it's way too soon to see."

Another question was about the success of Hawkeye and Captain Marvel books, will we see more books about Avengers characters' home lives. Bendis said there is a project coming down the line, in the vein of Hawkeye. Wacker added that it always depends on the writer, but to expect announcements soon.

A child asked Joe Q. about when we'll see some minority heroes in the movies, to claps.

Another fan asked about the Sentry and whether Bendis will bring him back. He said no. The fan then asked to tease the Sentry's return to Uncanny Avengers as a Horseman of Death. "I'm viewing it through the lens of a David Lynch film," Remender said. "When you see how he processes the information of becoming a servant of Apocalypse, he has a very large story."

The next fan asked about following up on the end of Spider-Men, when Peter looks Miles Morales up in his universe. Bendis said, "Absolutely."

A short girl praised puberty for allowing her to reach the microphone. She then asked, how long can a comic be on hiatus before it's officially cancelled. They asked her which book she's referring to, to which responded "Runaways, come on, man. Look at how old I am!" They said to look for the characters in other Marvel books.

The next guy followed up by asking about Runaways TV show, they said maybe.

Another question asked about how they coordinate writers' interpretation of the characters. Wacker said he leaves the creators leeway to tell their stories.

"Will there be a new, more advanced Ant Man or Yellow Jacket costume?" Sam Humphries says, STAY TUNED.

Last question, what are the chances of Marvel characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts III. Joe Q. said he has no idea, but Nick Lowe told the fan to ask tomorrow in during the video game panel.

And with that, Cup O'Joe is over. Take care, everyone!

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