Dan Slott Returns To Spider-Man's Hyphen… In Song! (SpiderSpoilers)

Spider-Man is a comic character who stands apart from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iceman, Catwoman, Element Lad and so many more superheroes, by dint that he uses a hyphen to distinguish his name. And for many, especially Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, it has become a real totem. As he has been posting on Twitter over the last few years.

1. The Tweets



Dan Slott: Spider-Man can HEAR when you forget it. #HyphenSenseTingling

Dan Slott: On my deathbed my final words will probably be, "Spider-Man… with… a hyphen…." And my obituary will read, "Spiderman writer dies".

Dan Slott: Reminder: It's Spider-Verse. With a hyphen.

Dan Slott: Have an Amazing #SpiderManDay! (Just imagine there's a hyphen in there, okay? )

Dan Slott: Saw "Spiderman" trending… and I have to admit, it stung. It's "Spider-Man". With a hyphen. Please. Also, new gripe: It's "Tobey" Maguire. Not "Toby".

Dan Slott: Spidey-Fact: In Spain it's "Spiderman" without the hyphen.


Tom Taylor: Spider-Man is trending without the hyphen. Somewhere, fellow Spidey writer, @DanSlott, is screaming.

Gail Simone: Guys, it is fundamental to @danslott 's character arc that he doesn't kill, unless someone forgets the hyphen.

Dan Slott: In 2021 I'm gonna freak so many of you out by how many times I *won't* correct people for leaving Spider-Man's hyphen out. Watch this. Spiderman. Spiderman. Spiderman. No. I haven't been hacked. Just living with reckless abandon. Rules? There are no more rules! 2021. Bring it.


And a month ago:

Dan Slott: People used to use my twitter feed to narc on people who left the hyphen out of "Spider-Man". Now they use it to narc on people who slam the She-Hulk show as "not being like the comics"… but who haven't read my run. I ain't the Sheriff of Comic Town, kiddos.

Maybe he had mellowed with age over the Spider-Hyphen? Maybe not. As this Wednesday's Spider-Man #1 by Dan Slott and Mark Bagley reveals, breaking into song. A very familiar song, albeit with some brand-new lyrics.

2. The Beats

DC Comics

Though they aren't revealing an actual recorded song like the last issue of Edge Of Spider-Verse. Oh talking of which, you'll want to read Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 on Wednesday before Spider-Man #1… for continuity's sake.

3. The Reddits

The Reddit group RespectTheHyphenis going to really enjoy Spider-Man #1 out on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. Just don't mention that Spider-Man himself didn't always use the hyphen, Like… the very first time he said his name in Amazing Fantasy #15?


Spider-Man #1 and Edge of Spider-Verse #5 are published, with hyphens, from Marvel Comics on Wednesday.

(W) Dan Slott (A/CA) Mark Bagley
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(W) Dan Slott, Various (A) Bob McLeod, Various (CA) Josemaria Casanovas
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