The David Lopez Darth Maul Variant Cover So Nice, Marvel Used It Twice [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Further investigation has revealed that the reason these two covers have different numbers is not, as previously reported, because of a misprint. Instead, Marvel appears to have used the same variant cover for two issues of a five-issue mini-series. Why this has happened is still no more clear than when we thought it was the other way around.

Original Story Below:

Lucky collectors looking to purchase the David Lopez variant for Darth Maul #5, in stores tomorrow, might be in for an extra special speculator treat. It looks like, due to a printing mix-up, some of the covers have been printed to indicate they are actually Darth Maul #3, with a barcode to match. The situation was spotted by and posted on Twitter:

It's unclear how this mixup occurred, though we have a few theories (Tom Brevoort winning a golden ticket for a tour of the comic factory factors highly in at least one). It does shed a lot more light on why Marvel is having so much trouble getting its legacy numbering right, though.

In any case, if you weren't enticed to pick up the regular incentive variant, perhaps a Rare Misprint David Lopez Darth Maul #5 Darth Maul #3 Variant can tempt you to help inflate the comics speculation bubble and contribute to the industry's future downfall.

MyComicShop doesn't have tomorrow's variants listed yet, but based on past prices for the series, they would probably be looking to charge $12-$15 for this one. The only question is, will they break off any #3s and sell them for more than that? It's what we would do.

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