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Star Wars Villains Gets Bust Style Statues from Diamond

Star Wars Villains Gets Bust Style Statues from Diamond

Star Wars villains are just as iconic as the heroes themselves. The presence of Darth Vader was something as if not more important than the screen time of Luke Skywalker. Since then the Star Wars villains I've had a rich history as well as their own wow factors. Diamond Select Toys have an out at […]

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Darth Maul Statue Re-Releasing Coming Soon from Kotobukiya

Darth Maul, in my opinion, is one of the coolest newer charters to come out of the Prequel Trilogy. Darth Maul and Grevious changed the Star Wars mythic with the way we thought about lightsabers. Kotobukiya is re-releasing the icon and badass Japanese ukiyo-e style ArtFx Darth Maul Statue. With a light-up double saber and […]

Star Wars Celebration Chicago Hasbro Reveals!

Star Wars Celebration Chicago Hasbro Reveals!

Habro held their Star Wars Celebration panel yesterday afternoon, where they revealed their summer slate of Black Series, Vintage Collection, and exclusives that collectors will be gobbling up until The Rise of Skywalker toys hit in the fall. Some really great stuff was shown, and they have now sent over official images of all of […]

Hallmark PopMinded Bringing Exclusives to Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Hallmark PopMinded Bringing Exclusives to Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Hallmark PopMinded is bringing a bunch of cool exclusives that collectors are going to freak out about getting at this years Star Wars Celebration Chicago. New ornaments, Itty Bittys pins, and maybe the coolest salt and pepper shaker of all-time will be available at the show, along with the usual buttons they hand out all […]

Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Coming From LEGO, Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant and LEGO will be at Star Wars Celebration next month, bringing exclusives that will be hard to get and much desired. LEGO will have their first LEGO bust, while Gentle Giant will have two amazing looking busts available of a Star Wars Rebels general and a stunning version of a fan-favorite villain. Check […]

Funko Reveals Their Star Wars Celebration Chicago Exclusives

Funko has revealed their exclusives that will be available at this years Star Wars Celebration being held in Chicago April 11-15. One thing is for certain: fans of chrome Pops will be super excited. Funko runs their booth at Celebration like SDCC and other big cons, meaning that the only way to get into their […]

Watch Darth Maul Actor Ray Park Tackle Beat Saber

Apparently, everyone has been bugging Ray Park, the original actor who played Darth Maul in Star Wars, to play the game Beat Saber in VR. Well kids, you finally got your wish, as the actor took to Instagram this week to show off his skills at the game. Turns out, he's pretty damn good at […]

[Tiny] Rey Uses The Force to Defeat Darth Maul, Vader, and More

We can't get over how adorable this tiny Rey is, using The Force (along with a Disney cast member adult Rey) to push the Dark Side away. Also, have we mentioned how excited we are for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to open at Disneyland and Walt Disney World? Because we are, so very excited!

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Funko Round-Up: Star Wars, Disney, Jem and the Holograms, and More!

Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week. It can be a lot to keep up with. So we are here to help. Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: Star Wars Vynl and Pop hitting stores, Jem and the Holograms gets a couple of new Pops, Mickey […]

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[SPOILER]'s Robot Feet from Solo: A Star Wars Story Revealed

We're getting closer to the home release of the stand alone solo Solo: A Star Wars Story film [yes, any excuse to say Solo solo film], and that means tidbits of behind-the-scenes goodies are making their way online. Today's BTS offering centers around the surprise appearance of Star Wars red and black baddie Darth Maul, as […]

Star Wars Rebels Final Season Debuts On October 16th…New Trailer!

Star Wars Rebels, the excellent animated series on Disney XD, is moving. And going away. Forever. The show will come to a close after the upcoming Forth Season, which was just announced to premiere Monday, October 16. The move to Mondays is new, as previous seasons have aired on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Fridays. After a […]

Marvel Comics To Send Out Replacement Copies Of Darth Maul #5

Star Wars: Darth Maul #3 from Marvel Comics was solicited with this cover by David Lopez. So was Darth Maul #5. Both were published as solicited, as Marvel promised. Caveat emptor then? It seems not. Marvel Comics will be sending stores replacement copies for Darth Maul #5 with a brand new cover. And no, we […]

The David Lopez Darth Maul Variant Cover So Nice, Marvel Used It Twice [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Further investigation has revealed that the reason these two covers have different numbers is not, as previously reported, because of a misprint. Instead, Marvel appears to have used the same variant cover for two issues of a five-issue mini-series. Why this has happened is still no more clear than when we thought it was […]

Unboxing The Funko Smugglers Bounty Star Wars Rebels Box…SPOILERS

As a big fan of Star Wars Rebels, I was pretty excited when it was announced that the March Funko Smugglers Bounty box would be Rebels themed. Rebels gets the short-shrift in the merchandise category as far as Star Wars properties go, and to get an entire box dedicated to the show sounded like a […]

The Empire Strikes Back Smuggler's Bounty Box Is The Best One Yet

I won't lie, the last couple Smuggler's Bounty subscription boxes have not knocked my socks off (a joke that will be appreciated later on here, bear with me). I am a Funko enthusiast, don't get me wrong, but I  felt that while the Pops are always great, some of the ancillary offerings have been lacking. […]

Improbable Previews: Lightsaber Poochie Is a Juggalo Jedi In Darth Maul #1

Every so often, comic book publishers send out previews of upcoming comics without any of the lettering finished. The result, while pretty to look at, leaves readers wondering just what the hell is going on in those pages. Well, wonder no more. Here at Bleeding Cool, we have combined decades of experience in reading comic […]

Darth Maul Joins Marvel's Star Wars Comicverse With New Mini By Bunn And Ross

According to an EXXXCLUSIVE article in USA Today, Marvel Comics will release a five issue Darth Maul mini in February by Cullen Bunn and Luke Ross. Darth Maul is widely regarded as one of the most well-liked parts of the Star Wars prequels, despite looking like he's on his way to an intergalactic Juggalo Gathering, mostly […]

Developer Working On Pitch For Cancelled Darth Maul Prequel To Entice EA

Red Fly Studio once upon a time were working on a Darth Maul prequel. It got halted after several months of production, but the studio hasn't given up the chase to produce the game yet. In fact, they've renewed hope that EA might be interested in picking up the title. In a reddit AMA, Dan Borth […]