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Cover Watch: Every Retailer Exclusive Variant For Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1
Of late some publishers have reduced that returnability but it still remains at a greater level than it once was. One result is that it has been easier for retailers to order tiered variant covers at 1:50, 1:100, even 1:1000 if they are free to return the overordered amounts But with more and more variant covers,[...]
CoverWatch: Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR #1
Here are a bunch of them. CoverWatch: 30 Covers For Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR #1 Forbidden Planet UK Exclusive – Skan Srisuwan Variant Forbidden Planet UK Exclusive – Skan Srisuwan Variant Set Also available from JetPack Comics in the US. Rod Reis Exclusive Cover limited to 700 copies. Rod Reis Exclusive Cover limited to 500 copies.   Christian Ward Exclusive Cover – State Of[...]
DC and Marvel Offer Retailer Exclusive Covers For February To April
To get an exclusive retailer cover from Marvel or DC, shops, shows or creators have to order a minimum of 3000 copies, with subsequent variants of the variant at 1500 and 1000 They pay the full wholesale price, plus the artist's cost – unless they are representing the artist themselves These can be sold for[...]
Patrick Gleason Creates Own Exclusive Venom Webhead Cover
And just as Patrick did an exclusive version of that first cover from his own website, a virgin variant cover that is selling for from $300 to $500 on eBay. Now Patrick Gleason has done another exclusive cover from his website for Venom #33 With Non-US customers dealing with Scott's Collectibles And at $25 standard, $35[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #55 Second Print Orders Double First Printing
While Patrick Gleason's own virgin variant version of the comic that he was selling for $24.99 each,is now selling for up to $200 raw on eBay as well. It also went to a second printing with a red cover – and a 1:50 version with a flipped-back-to-the-original artwork as Bleeding Cool suggested it might Meanwhile, the Gabrielle Dell'Otto variant has[...]
Secert Variant For Wolverine: Black White And Blood #2 This Wednesday
Here's the standard cover, below. Credit: Marvel for Wolverine: Black White And Blood #2 And here is the Marvel secret variant. Credit: Wolverine: Black White And Blood #2 from Marvel. He's got his mask off! Marvel Comics has run a few unannounced secret variant covers with minor changes, just to intrigue and excite comics collectors; you never know where[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Variant Covers Now Rescheduled By DC For January
The Wonder Woman 1984 movie variant covers for a punch of normal DC Comics titles were originally scheduled to run in the run-up to the April 2020 planned release date for the movie.  The movie was postponed, the covers were cancelled on those April comic books The covers were then rescheduled for October alongside the[...]
8 Retailer Exclusive Marvel Variants For December, 12 For January
Marvel Comics is reviving up their exclusive retailer variant cover programmes again, for December 2020, they have a paltry eight but for January, ramping up to twelve for the New Year To get a retailer exclusive cover from Marvel or DC, shops, shows or creators have to order a minimum of 3000 copies, with subsequent[...]
Jock, Nick Derington and Matt Taylor's DC Future State Team Variants
It's Future State time! DC Comics has, of late, been issuing Team Variant covers for comic stores who cannot afford to go the whole hog and get a 3000 print run on an exclusive variant cover Instead, DC Comics do a 10,000 print run on each cover and let twenty stores buy a minimum 500[...]
All Peach Momoko's Comic Book Covers For October 2020
She drew a couple of stories picked up by Grant Morrison when he was EIC of Heavy Metal Magazine and has since become the hottest cover art variant creator in the business In October, that means lots of covers – thirteen in total, if you include different art variants (not including any virgin trade dress-free covers) from DC[...]
Faithless II #2 Erotic Variant Covers Ordered Destroyed, Now Selling For $35
A couple days ago we let you know that Faithless II #2's Erotic Variant was bagged incorrectly, meaning instead of covering up all the naughty bits…those were on display We already knew that these variants from by Tula Lotay at Boom! Studios were going to be rare, but now Boom Studios have asked for the copies[...]
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Walmart started putting Marvel 3 Packs in stores a few years ago, and in response DC upped the commitment starting up the new Giant line that used to be Walmart exclusive, and now is early shipped to Walmart with variant covers Marvel responded a few months back by selling Walmart a new approach for the[...]
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Be on the lookout for this figure making the list in one of our upcoming holiday DC superhero guides.  The Batman: The Animated Series 1/6th Scale Batman (Black Variant) Figure from Mondo is priced at $150 The Dark Knight is set to reign down on Gotham in January of 2020 Pre-orders for this figure that are already live[...]