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The Marvel Variant Covers at Walmart are "True" Variant Covers Now

Walmart started putting Marvel 3 Packs in stores a few years ago, and in response DC upped the commitment starting up the new Giant line that used to be Walmart exclusive, and now is early shipped to Walmart with variant covers. Marvel responded a few months back by selling Walmart a new approach for the […]

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Batman Gets Animated in New 1/6th Scale Figure from Mondo

Batman: The Animated Series is a pop-culture classic cartoon. It opens up the world for DC Animation and honestly, it's one of the strangest things from the outside of the comics. Marvel hasn't ever seemed to capture the essence that DC does with their animated films or shows. It's time to relive that classic animated Batman […]

Marvel Discounts 1300 'Rare' Variant Covers to Retailers

Marvel Comics Discounts 1300 'Rare' Variant Covers to Retailers

The Diamond Retail Summit 2019 in Las Vegas kicks off tomorrow, where comic book publishers, creators, activist groups and Diamond Comic Distributors all pitch up to talk about the comics industry with comic book retailers from around the world (but mostly North America). Which is a good time for Marvel Comics to discount a tonne […]

DC Comics Make DCeased #1 Available For Retailer Exclusive Variant Covers

We know the game. DC Comics makes one comic book a month available for retailer exclusive covers and everyone dives in. Marvel make 5-15 available and they get mostly ignored. At some point there will be a happy medium reached. This month, DC Comics' offering will be for DCeased#1. Millions are dying. Heroes and villains […]

Valiant Goes Viral With Quantum and Woody Meme Variants For Retailers

Never a slouch in the promotional department, Valiant has been outdoing even themselves with a slew of tongue-in-cheek gimmicks in service of the publisher's forthcoming Quantum and Woody! series from writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Kano. So far, we've seen "Extreme Ultra-Foil" shelf covers swiped from Jim Lee's WildCATS #2; "The Most Variant Cover of […]

The David Lopez Darth Maul Variant Cover So Nice, Marvel Used It Twice [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Further investigation has revealed that the reason these two covers have different numbers is not, as previously reported, because of a misprint. Instead, Marvel appears to have used the same variant cover for two issues of a five-issue mini-series. Why this has happened is still no more clear than when we thought it was […]

Cyborg #14 Review: A Fun Comic With Stunning Art And A Lovable Guest Star

In the latest issue of writer John Semper Jr. and artist Will Conrad's Cyborg comic series, the villainous android Anomaly has just detonated a doomsday device, and Cyborg is left to fear that his world has just ended. However, after a dream where a musician beloved by Vic tells him to "open his mind," he wakes up to […]

DC Comics Variant Covers In August – From Jim Lee To Frank Cho To Mike Grell

A few upcoming DC Comics covers for August shipping titles. As ever, you may have seen some of them. You won't have seen most of them… Dark Nights: Metal #1 variant covers, by Jim Lee and Andy Kubert. With the variant cover by John Romita Jr coming soon. Deathstroke #22 by Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki. […]

DC Comics And Marvel Exclusives – And More – From ComicsPRO 2017…

Thanks to the joy of eBay, and some fast fingered retailers, we can see some of the ComicsPRO retailer exclusive items given away by Marvel and DC Comics – and others… So a Jim Lee sketch version of his Kate Moss Calvin Klein swiped cover to The Wild Storm #1 and a Bawoman Rebirth #1 […]

Southern Bastards #16 "Feminist Agenda" Variant To Raise Money For ACLU, SPLC

Variant covers are a symptom of the plague destroying the comics industry, artificially inflating sales numbers and profits without increasing readers or quality of interior content, continuing the decadent trends of 90s-style excess that nearly bankrupted the industry once before, and putting money into the pockets of controversial retailer Dennis Barger Jr. through his eBay […]

Buzz About Skottie Young's Unstoppable Wasp #1 Variant In January

The Unstoppable Wasp is the latest new comic from Marvel to get a Skottie Young variant cover. This time, Young steps outside of his comfort zone, and instead of drawing a cartoon baby Wasp on a plain white background, he creates a lush scene that really helps to inform the reader of what's happening inside […]

The First Of Bill Sienkiewicz's Harley Quinn Variant Covers

Bill Sienkiewicz is going to have a variant cover for every issue of the Rebirthed Harley Quinn.  Well, here's the first. Oh and here's Tim Sale's variant cover for Batman #4 while we're at it…. And Superman #4's variant cover by Kenneth Rocafort.  

All The Retailer Exclusive Variant Covers For Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1

Here you go folks, all the retailer exclusive variant covers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1 – and where you can find them! The Comic Bug Siya Oum AWBC (Fried Pie) Paulina Ganucheau AWBC (Fried Pie Con) Hunter Clark Collector's Paradise Megan Hutchinson Ultimate Comics Janice Chu Newbury Comics Sara Kipin Dimension X Comics […]

Marvel Launches 20 Tsum Tsum Variant Covers Through August

It's not enough that they are launching a comic book… now Marvel Tsum Tsum are taking over twenty Marvel titles in August through a new variant cover programme… All-New, All-Different Avengers #13 by Kris Anka All-New Wolverine #11 by Jake Parker Amazing Spider-Man #16 by Chris Samnee Captain America: Steve Rogers #5 by Helen Chen Deadpool #17 […]