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This is a 9.8 CGC graded signed copy, and moreover the variant "misprint" version of Spawn on the back There are only two copies in this signed grade condition, and one has gone to Auction, under the hammer today, from Heritage Auctions With a Spawn movie expected to be reconfirmed and a cast announced at[...]
Pokémon TCG Japanese Misprinted Ancient Mew Auctioning At Heritage
Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas that deals primarily with auctions pertaining to comics, video games, trading cards, and other such collectible items, has put a rare, Japanese promotional copy of Ancient Mew; from the Pokémon Trading Card Game up for auction! Unlike with copies of Ancient Mew that Wizards of the[...]
Marvel Tells Retailers To Print X-Men: Evolution TPB Misprint Page
Remember when it was pointed out that the Superman By Grant Morrison Omnibus contained a page in which the dialogue didn't appear? And DC Comics decided to recall and reprint the entire print run, which would have cost quite the tidy sum? Well, Marvel Comics doesn't do that. It has been noted that the X-Men: Evolution[...]
DC Comics' Truly Bizarre Misprint Of Underworld Unleashed
And it contains quite the oddity in both print and digital editions.  A Bleeding Cool reader who wishes to remain anonymous (smart chap) noticed something rather obviously missing. DC Comics' Truly Bizarre Misprint Of Underworld Unleashed The original series has a gimmick using neon green ink throughout the series Something that you wouldn't be able to replicate[...]
Something Is Misprinting The Children - Boom To Reprint 50,000 Copies
Typically when the same damage occurs over and over in the same spot it points to a printer misprint We also understand that Boom is looking into reprinting and replacing the entire print run, which would make this the biggest misprint in the company's history given Something Is Killing The Children #12's over 50,000 print[...]
Marvel To Provide Replacements For Wolverine: Black, White And Blood
Here's the Garney cover… already being sold as a "misprint" for ten bucks on eBay… …and here's the Chaykin cover. WOLVERINE BLACK WHITE BLOOD #1 (OF 4) GARNEY VAR MARVEL COMICS SEP200532 (W) Gerry Duggan, Declan Shalvey, Matthew Rosenberg (A) Adam Kubert, Declan Shalvey, Joshua Cassara (CA) Ron Garney TOP MARVEL TALENT SINK THEIR CLAWS INTO ALL-NEW WOLVERINE TALES AND THEY'RE BLOODIER[...]
Auto Draft
He found pages that didn't have any defining black ink, and images that were far darker than expected. So he put it on eBay for $999.99, accepting Best Offers, purely on a whim, saying; This rare printing was printed with these black / unlettered / misprinted pages on two full and one partial page of the[...]
The David Lopez Darth Maul Variant Cover So Nice, Marvel Used It Twice [UPDATED]
UPDATE: Further investigation has revealed that the reason these two covers have different numbers is not, as previously reported, because of a misprint Instead, Marvel appears to have used the same variant cover for two issues of a five-issue mini-series Why this has happened is still no more clear than when we thought it was[...]
This Week's Mouse Guard To Be Destroyed Over Paper Stock
3 #3 this week, to not put them on sale. The issue has been misprinted, Boom telling me "Our printer inadvertently used the wrong, thinner paper stock for the cover, which was discovered when the advance copies arrived We're going back to press to correct it so that issue #3 matches the weight and feel of all[...]
How Many Superman Earth One Vol 3 Have This Misprint?
Superman: Earth One Vol 3 by Joe Michael Stracyzynski, Ardian Syaf and Sandra Hope has a nice embossed cover., with the Superman symbol given a little texture and flash. But not on all copies. A few seem to have a ghost embossing instead… rare misprint? Depends how common this is Have you checked yours? Although at least they[...]
Watch Out For Original Sin #8 Printing Problems Tomorrow
The top comic is the variant cover, the bottom is the regular cover. Pages 1-8 are correct. It is at this point that the misprint begins. Page 9 in the regular edition, restarts at Page 2 all the way up to page 8 again. Then picks at Page 23 to Page 30 and restarts again at Page 23 to 30. Pages[...]
Green Lantern "Teardrop" Misprint Sells For $15
The Teardrop misprint Yes, folks that's what the market are calling the incorrectly printed copies of Green Lantern #1 that seems to have affected anything from 10% to 20% of the print run, that have a strange green around Sinestro's temple. And while some copies are being offered for $50 on eBay, they are actually being[...]