DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: Bane and The Joker

Last year saw the conclusion of Tom King's Batman run, which was structured like a remake of the moment in Knightfall when Bane broke Batman's back, just stretched out in a meta-fashion across fifty issues.  I loved it. We saw the Joker return, as one of Bane's men, running Gotham, controlled via the Psycho Pirate and the Ventriloquist. It concluded with Bane, shot by Thomas Wayne, and placed in a coma in Arkham Asylum, only to then break Thomas Wayne's back as well. It's his thing.

DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: Bane and The Joker
DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: Bane and The Joker

This year has seen James Tynion IV's Joker War play out, as the Joker and his men take over Gotham, not to rule it but to ruin it. But what of Bane and Joker?

Bleeding Cool understands that 2021 will see the Joker deal with Bane. Not for controlling him, not for making him one of Bane's flunkies but something very different. The Joker blames Bane for wasting the death of Alfred on Damian Wayne, rather than using it to destroy Bruce Wayne.

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DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: Bane and The Joker

Joker knows all about the power of the traumatic moment, The Killing Joke is based on nothing else. And this moment was a) denied the Joker and b) wasted on the kid. For this crime, in 2021, the Joker intends to wreak revenge on Bane. To the extent that you may see Batman and Bane being forced to work together, against a common foe.

We may hear more about these plans at DC Fandome today. Maybe we won't. Maybe you'll just have to wait until 2021 like good little boys and girls.

Keep an eye on the DCComics2021 tag on Bleeding Cool over the next couple of days for more of this sort of thing, as DC Fandome makes it open season.

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