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Excalibur Hellfire Gala Zoom background for video conferencing, courtesy of Marvel Comics.
To commemorate the historic achievement of stretching out the events of one single night into an entire 12-issue comic book crossover, Marvel Comics has stretched out a single repeating background for a series of connecting variant covers into thirteen separate Hellfire Gala Zoom backgrounds that fans can use during video meetings to tell their co-workers:[...]
Doctor Who Theme Composers to Turn Internet into Musical Instrument
They have influenced everyone from Paul McCartney to Pink Floyd to Aphex Twin to Orbital. Beyond "Doctor Who": Making Music in Lockdown The composers took inspiration from the Zoom calls they made during the pandemic, using the natural lag of online calls to make "a loop of music". "The sound gets sent to someone and they add to[...]
Boy Luck Club: Co-creators Quentin Lee and Kit DeZoit on Zoom Comedy
My friend and fellow filmmaker Quentin Lee and comedian Kit DeZoit released Boy Luck Club, a new zoom-shot series about six gaysian best friends who get together every Friday night for cocktails on zoom to get through quarantine life Totally unscripted, each episode is an entirely no holds barred improvisation by the six actors. "Boy Luck[...]
One Cut of the Dead: Director releases Zoom Spinoff Shot in Lockdown
Now director Shinichiro Ueda shot a 27-minute sequel and spinoff entirely on zoom during the lockdown One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote was released on YouTube for free back in April for all to see. "One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote" poster, Panpocopina The original movie One Cut of the Dead was a love letter[...]
Zoom Olympics with BTS
Of course, there were the special performances of "Idol," "Home," and "Black Swan." Zoom Olympics with BTS Which brings us to Thursday night, kicking off with Fallon challenging RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook to a series of random ("The Guitar Pick Challenge"? "The Groundhog Challenge"?) challenges via Zoom called (appropriately enough) "Zoom Olympics": Now[...]
Watchmen To Be Adapted Into A Nine-Panel Zoom Play
To follow Zack Snyder, Damon Lindehof, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, and Tom King and Jorge Fornes, Tristan Basile is directing his own unauthorised adaptation/sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, called Watchmen: A Zoom Play. Dave Gibbons Watchmen art. Posting on Backstage, looking for unpaid actors willing to volunteer their time in lockdown, he states "Adapting[...]
Comisery Week: Interview with Sheetal Sheth, the Pragmatist
In the week leading up to the premiere, the editors of Bleeding Cool have let me run a series of interviews with the cast and crew to talk about what it was like to make a movie during the lockdown, shot on zoom, without leaving home It's a new form of narrative filmmaking that the[...]
Host: Horror Movie Shot on Zoom in Lockdown Captures Our Current Mood
It was inevitable: someone finally made a horror movie shot on zoom during lockdown where everyone, cast, crew, and director, were in isolation in their homes Host – now streaming on Shudder – has a deceptively simple premise: a bunch of friends, bored during the lockdown, decide to host a séance on zoom for fun[...]
In Praise of Lo-Fi Television (Image: NBCU)
However, there is still hope, and some of what we're currently seeing is both a guide to success and also a warning of what not to do. The Cast of 30 Rock on a Zoom call with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Al Roker, From 30 Rock: A One-Time Special, courtesy NBC. Several shows and specials have[...]
Comisery poster from Margin Films
It also introduces Sheetal Sheth as Anika and Nat Ho as Nate, the other members of this madcap circle of friends dealing with an alien virus invasion during lockdown. A Crew and Writer's Room of Literally Two Ours is an 8-episode web series shot using zoom with everyone in lockdown, and literally no budget All the actors[...]
Comisery: How We Put Together A SciFi Webseries in a Week
It was all on Zoom It's a surreal experience because Quentin and I were directing without having to leave the house The actors were all in their individual places Bee had just moved to his new apartment, so its walls were still bare, so he was invited over to Quentin's place and shoot it in[...]
The world's most extensive collection of cartoon and comic art has released seven unique zoom backgrounds inspired by Krazy Kat The images range from the late 1930s to the mid-1940s, invoking the feeling of being alone in a big, beautiful world These aren't busy backgrounds either — so you won't distract your fellow Zoom participants. Picture[...]
But being on home lockdown means your personal space also becomes your workspace, but that doesn't mean you still can't let your geek flag fly a little the next time you're about to jump into a Zoom meeting That's right, what follows are 12 Zoom backgrounds with more than enough choices available to put you[...]
With plenty of people still finding uses for those BBC Zoom backgrounds Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. From BBC Zoom to Marvel Comics #1000 – The Daily LITG 10th May[...]
Batman: The Animates Series Zoom Background from DC Comics
A lot of people can't get enough of the quirky zoom backgrounds for video conferences that have seemingly come out for every geek property in existence And hey, we're not judging You gotta take pleasure in what you can these days In any case, one of the biggest sources of virtual backgrounds is DC Comics,[...]