Donny Cates, Worthy?

So, yes, as Bleeding Cool may have teased back in August, Donny Cates is the new writer of Thor. And at the Marvel panel yesterday, it may have gone slightly to his head.

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Apparently he is worthy… well, to write Thor at least.

And the previous incumbent was happy too…

But isn't he busy with Venom as well?

As for the new look for Thor…

But he was also getting down with the fans.

But enough of all that, here's a preview of Thor #1 by Donny Cates, Nick Klein and Matt Wilson.

Donny Cates, Worthy?Donny Cates, Worthy?

Yeah, let's see you do that with it, Donny…

Oh and it turned out okay for Donny Cates' missus as well.

Arune Singh of Boom Studios, we love you 3000…

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