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Hulk #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman In November
In November, Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley create a new Incredible Hulk #1, which takes the character into a brand new direction But what direction? The Avengers/Hulk Free Comic Book Day comic book arrives in comic book stores on August 14th Okay, well, clearly it has arrived now, but it will be available then And it[...]
Donny Cates' King Spawn #1 Cover - And Pages Inside
Last week, Bleeding Cool reported that comic book writer Donny Cates had drawn a comic book cover for King Spawn #1, his third cover for a mainstream comic book to date, after Venom and King In Black And with Todd McFarlane inks, clearly the best one to date. Donny Cates & Todd McFarlane's King Spawn #1[...]
Donny Cates Is Drawing A King Spawn #1 Cover For Todd McFarlane?
Donny Cates tweeted last night "Just had a rad phone call with Todd McFarlane Man, my life is awesome sometimes You guys are in for some amazing stuff!" But what could it be? Well, this listing for an FOC cover for the upcoming King Spawn #1 may reveal all Or at least reveal what the[...]
Major Characters Return To Image Comics In Crossover #7 (Spoilers)
Crossover #7 is a "very special" episode of the Crossover series written by Donny Cates and drawn by Geoff Shaw, which features Chip Zdarsky and is written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Phil Hester A comic book in which comic book characters from all over have taken their war into the real world. In issue[...]
Ryan Stegman and Donny Cates Announce New Comic, Vanish
On the Stegman And Friends Youtube podcast last night, Ryan Stegman and Donny Cates announced a new publisher imprint of theirs, Kids Love Chains, and its first comic book series by Cates and Stegman, Vanish Making this Ryan Stegman's first creator-owned comic book And they had artwork to show off… with its first cover by[...]
Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman Tie "Kids Love Chains" Into New Venom
Kids Love Chains – that's the name of Donny Cates' first arc on Crossover at Image Comics It is the phrase that Donny seized upon from Todd McFarlane when Todd was once asked to explain the popularity of Spawn when co-creating the character Overkill with Stan Lee and Rob Liefeld for the Comic Book Greats video[...]
Marvel Square Logo
Some of Marvel's bigger comic book creators have been engaged in a Marvel PR-designed series of tweets, that suggests there's a new Marvel comic book by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley to be announced And one from Ram V and Bryan Hitch to follow. Donny Cates: Man, I'm having so much fun on this new @Marvel[...]
Full Marvel Comics Solicitations April 2021
I'm sure Marvel Comics believe it will be worth the wait. VENOM #35 200TH ISSUE MARVEL COMICS FEB210492 (W) Donny Cates, Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) More (A/CA) Ryan Stegman The Final Chapter in the Book of VENOM by Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman! This is it, Venomaniacs! The landmark 200th issue starring the most sinister symbiote in the Marvel Universe arrives[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
The details were never made public, but it must have cost everyone involved a pretty penny. Alessandro Vitti finished off the pandemic-postponed Taskmaster series at Marvel but was then announced that he would be the new artist on Donny Cates-written Thor, Replacing Nic Klein on the book, the solicitation read "Join the new Thor artist, Alessandro Vitti for[...]
The Legal Credits For Crossover #6 by Geoff Shaw and Donny Cates
Last week's Crossover #6 from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw went to town with crossovers – which also meant a lot of legal notices in the back. For those who prefer not to squint; "Crossover," its logos, and the likenesses of all characters herein are trademarks of Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw, unless otherwise noted. "Madman" and the[...]
Image Comics July 2021 Solicits and Solicitations in Full
You never know who is going to pop up in Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's Crossover series from Image Comics, telling the story of a normal, everyday, world-outside-your-window reality that gets invaded by a comic book event, causing death, destruction, and hatred of superhero comic books The first arc, titled "Kids Love Chains" was a[...]
A History Of "I Would Have Words With Thee" and Thor #10 Spoilers
To such an extent, it was mocked or lightened in future iterations, whether from The Frog Of Thunder… Artwork from Thor Or Loki undercutting Jane Foster: Thor's use of the phrase. Artwork from Thor But in today's Thor #14, from Donny Cates and Nic Klein, it returns with a vengeance – and some Coptic Marker-style lettering, as Donald Blake[...]
Everyone Gets Changed In King In Black #5 Finale Week (Spoilers)
Maybe it's time to shed a little light on the situation? And go out with a big toothy grin on Venom's face, just like in the old Todd McFarlane days? The King In Black #5 Something I think the vampires are about to regret… they have their own changes to worry about. KING IN BLACK #5 (OF 5) MARVEL[...]
The Latest Hero To Wield Mjolnir (King In Black Spoilers)
Today sees the long-awaited finale for The King In Black #5 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman And, as The God Of Light arrives in the form of Captain Universe, and finds itself a new host, so we see the final assault from Marvel's heroes against Knull and his army of symbiote and dragons. Like that[...]
A New Nation For The Vampires of the Marvel Universe?
And in Chernobyl, in Ukraine, he found them. King In Black #2 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman Motivating his own vampire army, courtesy of his own blades – and a certain Lord Dracula. King In Black #2 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman After all, as Blade also explained to Magneto, Knull and the army of the King[...]