Doom Patrol/Justice League By Gerard Way, Steve Orlando, And Aco Is The First Young Animal Crossover

Earlier today, we learned that Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye and Shade The Changing Girl will go on a hiatus in October, and that Gerard Way's Young Animal will cross over with the DCU in January. The crossover will happen via a series of four one-shots, and at the Young Animal panel tonight, we learned what the first one will be: Doom Patrol Special, featuring the Justice League of America.

Gerard Way and Steve Orlando will write the comic, with art by Aco, and a cover by Frank Quitely:

young animal

A press release from DC gives more details:

"Today, during DC's Young Animal panel, imprint curator Gerard Way made comic dreams come true by announcing that the weird and eccentric characters of Young Animal will encounter the iconic Super Heroes of the DC Universe. In January 2018, the four ongoing series – DOOM PATROL, SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL, CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE, MOTHER PANIC – will participate in a special four-part annual crossover.

These annuals will mark the conclusion of the first phase of the imprint and will send each series in surprising new directions!"

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