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JMS The Madness in AWA August 2023 Solicits
Such as his new comic book series launching in August from AWA, drawn by Aco, The Madness With a superthief whose family are killed by the great superheroes of the age, taking revenge Is this his version of The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe from Garth Ennis? Well, Garth Ennis has a continuing book for[...]
Some Thoughts On American Ronin #2
But none of their series intrigued me as much as American Ronin, the combination of veteran writer Peter Milligan and new-ish to the Western mainstream artist ACO American Ronin #2 felt like Peter Milligan setting up a world that was basically the tabletop roleplaying game Shadowrun, minus the elves. American Ronin #2 cover, courtesy of AWA[...]
American Ronin #1: If Shadowrun Was A Comic, It'd Be American Ronin
Sturdy, but not remarkable. American Ronin #1 cover American Ronin #1, Peter Milligan and ACO's debut for publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans is an assassin/spy story I'm not sure if Milligan and ACO worked together before or not, but for AWA, they're a well-oiled machine The first issue of American Ronin isn't meaningfully different from a high[...]
Wonder Woman #53 cover by David Yardin
Diana follows her implicitly, while Artemis, hard-headed as she is, wants to lead with her axe and think with her muscles. Atalanta serves a surprisingly minor role in the main thrust of the book, being left behind to heal in the journey to Thirteen Heavens and only popping up again at the end when she, Diana,[...]
Wonder Woman #52 cover by David Yardin
The Smoking Mirror is a temple that follows none of the conventional laws of physics, and its guardians are massive tiger-men-corpse beasts wrapped in armor. Wonder Woman #52 art by ACO, David Lorenzo, and Romulo Fajardo Jr. ACO's work especially shines here, as his 3-D rendered work makes the supernatural environment within the temple even more strange[...]
JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 cover by Frank Quitely
Two of the primary factors which led to that homogeny of 1950s America which this aesthetic is taken from are overwhelming racism and sexism. JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 art by Aco, Tamra Bonvillain, and Marissa Louise The 1950s culture this comic is referencing as a tool for its story is the Leave it to Beaver/Father Knows Best culture[...]
Nick Fury (The Younger) Gets First Solo Series From James Robinson And ACO This Spring
Marston has scored the announcement of a new Nick Fury series from the creative team of James Robinson and ACO! The comic will feature single issue stories, according to Newsarama's interview with Robinson, rather than writing for the trade However, Robinson did touch on an overarching theme for the book: If there is an overarching thing to[...]