Draining Your Balls at Dragon*Con Part II: Some Practical Advice by Bill Meeks

Draining Your Balls at Dragon*Con Part II: Some Practical Advice by Bill MeeksBill Meeks writes for Bleeding Cool

Now as you may have seen in Rich's post yesterday Dragon*Con has plenty of people looking to party. Being the intrepid Bleeding Cool Dragon*Con reporter that I am I decided to try and contact some of these enterprising young fellows to find out the why and how of hooking up with your fellow geeks. Two of them got back to me with the request of anonymity in exchange for their expertise and advice. We'll call them DragonTom and DragonDon.

These two guys are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. DragonTom is locating himself near the con without actually attending and hoping to catch some throw off, while DragonDon is a full-fledged attendee.

First, I asked if the basic newbie question… Have you done this before?

DragonTom: I live in Atlanta and have a hard time finding other kinky gay men that are willing to hook up for sex.  They are either in a committed relationship, are collared and owned, or too nervous to actually meet. Fetlife.com has really helped with meeting kinky guys and i noticed several blogs there that clued me into the DragonCon event schedule.  I just took a stab in the dark and posted to see if any fish would bite.

DragonDon: The reason I posted an ad for dragoncon, simply is, it's always more fun if you network. It is nothing like any other con that I have been to , and I have been to quite a few.  There's what is going on the surface and there's what is going on in the shadows.  I usually go and stay with a group of friends, and we hook up with different groups at different times.

Next I wanted to know what the response to these sorts of ads usually is.

DragonTom: Most are unsuccessful but there have been a few diamonds in the rough that make it all worthwhile. With those that there was a connection and an agreement, I invited them over to my house/play room for a good time of NSA sex or bondage.

DragonDon: This the first year I have tried networking to find more friends to hang out with , in the past my brother has been the one who has done all the networking, Craigslist, Live Journal, etc.   He usually gets the party invites and dinner arrangements for us.

It's great when brothers help each other out. But the question on my mind as a previous D*Con attendee is are these ads more effective than just walking the floor of the con to look for game and giving geeks?

DragonTom: I don't actually attend the convention… so, I do think it would be easier to mingle with the people there.  I am sure they are hooking up all the time.

DragonDon: So far placing an ad on craigslist this year has been a total waste of time. Every single reply was spam. So I would have to say walking around meeting people is probably the best way. Everyone is very friendly and usually in a good mood. And after around 8:00pm drunk as well, that helps too.

Lastly I asked the daring duo if they had any last words of advice for attendees looking to get kinky in Downtown Atlanta.

DragonTom: Fetlife.com has several blog threads.  They could e-mail the people who are subscribing to the DragonCon blogs directly since it is not permitted to post solicitations in blogs. The Kilt blowing is the organized event that will get everyone running to the rooms for sex.

DragonDon: Try to make friends wherever you go. Talk to everyone and with a little luck you will have a great time.  There are always a lot of strippers attending , as well as sex oriented webcamers, and some hookers too.  Some will even be advertising there services at vendor tables , and there will be both men and women advertising on craigslist and backpage  for P4P  during the con as well As far as ADULT  events , this year , the ABC (anything but clothes) party. And i'm sure they will have a con slut party again,  but most of these kind of parties are invite only , and only announced during the con. A lot of stuff is word of mouth.  I can honestly say, I have seen some things at dragoncon, I thought I would never see happen in public.

I still have DragonTom and DragonDon's contact info so I hope to follow up with them after the Con to see how it went. Stay tuned for more ball draining news as it breaks.

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