Drunk Super Heroing in Old Man Quill #3

A lot of people probably think Old Man Quill is just the latest attempt by Marvel to cash in on the Old Person ____ trend of making comics set in the future starring elderly versions of popular characters. But could it actually be a cautionary tale about the perils of super heroing while intoxicated?

Well, probably not. But we do see this in a preview of next week's Old Man Quill #3, wherein Star-Lord is heralded as a savior of the wastelands, leading Rocket Raccoon to encourage him to indulge in some heavy drinking…

Drunk Super Heroing in Old Man Quill #3

At first, Star-Lord resists, but soon gives into his demons…

Drunk Super Heroing in Old Man Quill #3

No, Star-Lord! One is too many, and a thousand never enough!

Drunk Super Heroing in Old Man Quill #3

It looks like Peter has really been putting them down. And now, it seems, duty calls…

Drunk Super Heroing in Old Man Quill #3

From yourself, Peter. You need to be saved from yourself.

Old Man Quill: Demon in a Bottle hits stores next Wednesday.

Old Man Quill #3
(W) Sacks, Ethan (A) Robert Gill (CA) John Tyler Christopher
• PETER QUILL and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY make their way through the WASTELANDS!
• But even as they try to help the Earth's downtrodden…the shadow of DOOM hangs over their every move!
• Their only hope…a valuable weapon that may or may not have been forgotten on Earth…
Rated T
In Shops: Mar 13, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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