Dustin Weaver On Secret Wars Spinoff, The Infinity Gauntlet


Over at Newsarama, in an arranged interview with Marvel PR, Dustin Weaver has told them,

With Edge of Spider-Verse #3 I did everything myself. I wrote, drew, and colored it. It was the first time, other than my webcomics, that I've done that. I liked it a lot, and I learned a lot in the process. I'm doing something similar on my next Marvel project,Infinity Gauntlet, but this time I'm working with a collaborator on the writing. I'm pretty sure I can't say much about that project yet.

But that was enough. Confirmation that the above teaser is a real thing. Possibly a replacement title after Time Runs Out and Secret Wars kicks off for a title… along with all the others… which will you did to your pull list this summer? We understand that these will all be mini-series… and it's All-New Marvel in September!

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