At ECCC, Robert Kirkman Says He's Bringing Dragons Into The Walking Dead With Issue #200


At one point during his Q&A panel at Emerald City Comic Con, superstar Walking Dead creator and Kentucky land baron Robert Kirkman said, "I hate Superman."

Wait, sorry, wrong quote, though he did say that. What we wanted to quote, however, was when Kirkman said that people sometimes take the things he says and turn them into click bait articles. We're not sure why Kirkman is so paranoid about this. Surely, there aren't reporters watching the live stream of his Q&A, just waiting for things he says to turn into click bait! That would be really pathetic.

On a completely unrelated note, at one point during the Q&A,  asked if the success of the Walking Dead show changed the comic, Kirkman said it did, but in a way you might not expect. In order to prove to himself that he wasn't writing for the TV show, Kirkman went in the opposite direction, talking about Negan's constant "dropping the f-bomb" and having a tiger on the show.

"They're never gonna get to this stuff, and they're never gonna be able to adapt it, so I just go hog wild," Kirkman said. "I went so overboard that I feel like it did change the comic in some way, but it got more awesome."

Then Kirkman dropped a major spoiler about an upcoming milestone issue.

"Issue #200, we're bringing dragons into the comic," Kirkman revealed.


Why are you looking at us like that?



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