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Funko Unveils Shared Retailers List For Emerald City Comic Con
Funko has finally ended their Emerald City Comic Con exclusive reveals, and just like clockwork, they unveiled the shared retailer exclusives list This list is the map to your Emerald City Comic Con experience as it tells fans where ether will be able to locate each Pop This year it looks like a variety of[...]
Funko ECCC Reveals - Darkwing Duck, Pokemon, and Scott Pilgrim
Funko continues to roll out their Emerald City Comic Con exclusives as they are keeping the convention alive While the real ECCC has been shuffled off to December, Funko is taking matters into their own hands with another Virtual Con We have already seen some amazing exclusives so far, like The Boys The Deep, NBA[...]
Funko ECCC Reveals - Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and NBA Squatch
The second day of Emerald City Comic Con exclusive reveals from Funko has come to an end Funko finished off the day with some more amazing reveals from big franchises like Star Wars and Marvel Starting us off first is a brand new Star Wars Art Series vinyl featuring Master Yoda with a Military Green[...]
Funko ECCC Disney - Alice in Wonderland, Pirates, and Belle
Yesterday we saw a great day filled with some amazing Funko Pops that will be coming exclusively to Emerald City Comic Con Today those reveals continue as Funko opens up the day with some great Disney debuts Three new Disney Pops will be coming to ECCC, each from different series The Disney Princess Belle from[...]
Funko ECCC Reveals - Transformers, Underdog, One Piece, and More
Funko continues to reveal more of their exclusives for Emerald City Comic Con Virtual Con 5.0 Spring Edition 2021 is set to take place between March 1 – 5 with exclusives going exclusively to retailers and the FunkoShop Just like NYCC, a lottery system has been put into place giving lucky fans get obtain those[...]
Funko ECCC Reveals - WandaVision, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball
Emerald City Comic Con exclusives have arrived, and Funko is not holding back this year Kicking things off first is the debut of a very special 2-Pack Pop set from WandaVision The first every MCU television series has taken the world by storm and this Pop will too, as it debuts Billy and Tommy from[...]
Funko ECCC Reveals - Thundarr the Barbarian and MOTU
Emerald City Comic Con might have been postponed to December 2021, but Funko is continuing on with the March convention They have announced that they will have another Virtual Convention that will be packed with fun for all Funko Fanatics Of course, the biggest things fans want to see are the Pop exclusive for this[...]
New Funko ECCC Teasers Have Arrived, Who Do You Think They Are?
Emerald City Comic Con is almost here, and Funko contours to tease fans of some of their upcoming exclusives We already covered the first three teasers that Funko revealed, and fans can find them here Three more teasers have been revealed, and we have a couple of guesses for this new set of upcoming exclusives[...]
Funko Announces ECCC Virtual Con 5.0 With Another Lottery System
Funko has announced that Emerald City Comic Con will live on through their next virtual convention The Virtual Con Spring 2021 event will occur between March 1 – 5, 2021, and will be filled with giveaways, guests, and more Just like past events, fans are curious when the Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Pops will[...]
WandaVision Coming to ECCC With New Exclusive Funko Pop
This Pop will be exclusive to Emerald City Comic Con, which will be turned into another virtual con by Funko Marvel announced some must-have shop items to fill that WandaVision void until the newest episode, including new products for Funko's Loungefly line A new backpack and wallet featuring everyone's favorite Marvel couple will be displayed[...]
Funko Reveals Teasers For ECCC Pops, Here Is Our Guesses
Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) would have almost been upon us, but it was shuffled off to December 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic Fans were starting to get curious if Funko would delay their ECCC reveals to December or keep the tradition going Last night, Funko gave us our answer as they unveiled three[...]
Emerald City Comic Con has already passed and the Funko Pop exclusives have already been shipped out and received One of my favorites from this year's convention was the Emperor Doom Pop vinyl from the 2015 Marvel Comics Secret Wars event This is one of my favorite portrayals of Doctor Doom and this exclusive Funko Pop fits[...]
Auto Draft
Funko just had their Emerald City Comic Con convention replacement, the Funko Virtual Con The event was a success and of course, there were exclusive figures There were both convention and shared exclusives that fans were dying to get their hands on So we here at Bleeding Cool have picked out our top 5 Funko[...]
ECCC Offers Ticket Refunds in Wake of Coronavirus Pullouts
If you were planning on attending Emerald City Comic Con and has Funko Lottery Tickets then you've lucked out Funko continues to impress and it letting Lottery Ticket holders for their booth a day head start at getting their collectibles Ticket holders can check their email for more specifics but we have you covered here[...]
ECCC Offers Ticket Refunds in Wake of Coronavirus Pullouts
One of those events was Emerald City Comic Con and we were all waiting on to get our hands on some Funko Pop exclusives From Pop Rides, Pop Towns, Pop Pins, and much more, us fans were ready to expand our collections once again with some exclusive collectibles Funko does not want to let us[...]