Fanboy Rampage – Jonathan Glapion Vs. Cory Hamscher (Now With Added Liefeld)


Let's do some introductions first. Thomas Mason, comic book colourist, posting on Facebook.


what a colorist's work station looks like while waiting on pages… and waiting…and waiting…
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He got a few responses. It started off very gentile, with artist Chad Heinrich.

Dave Witt Damnit Chad! Send the man something to do! wink emoticon

Chad Heinrich Rofl you mean torture him with subpar art?!?

Thomas Mason you're such a jackass! bwahahaha

Chad Heinrich You love me and you know it

And now here comes A-lister inker Jonathan Glapion, currently working with David Finch on Superman/Wonder Woman.

Jonathan Glapion Not when you work with me. I think if you're going to be professional you need to consider the next man in like. No excuse with today's tech to have someone waiting. Colorist already get the shaft with pay and time.

Thomas Mason i wish i worked with you… it would be nice to have a steady flow of work…lol

There you go. All good natured. Oh wait, cue artist Cory Hamscher, who Mason appears to be colouring. Or not.

Cory Hamscher Damn, dude, I'm the one that got you the gig in the first place. You should have messaged me before last night if you werr ready for pages sooner.

Thomas Mason where did you see that i mentioned you?

Cory Hamscher Give me a break. You literally just messaged me last night about pages. Don't play dumb.

Cory Hamscher Before I hooked you up with this gig that's what your work station looked like for what, 6 months? A year? That has nothing to do with me.

Jonathan Glapion Hahaha…. Wow. I'm not trying to get in the middle here but that's a dick move dude. Hand a guy a meal then kick it out of his hand before he eats.

Cory Hamscher I didn't kick anything out of his mouth. I banked 12 pages in the last ten days and haven't uploaded them yet….so he goes on FB to bitch. Btw, Jonathan, you should know first hand what happens when you post bullshit about your fellow creative team. Do what you said you're going to do, "not trying to get in the middle", Mr. I got kicked off of Batman because I posted shit about Capullo.

Jonathan Glapion First off Cory Hamscher talk about shit you do know, you f-cking one nib using hack! We can go down this road, no problem, just have your facts right Mr. Never-Inked-Capullo-At-All. Let's not talk credits in books. The fact that you wait 12 pages down the line before you bother to scan is a joke. So there, now I'm in the middle.

And btw, who's still getting royalties from those Batman books? Not you!

Cory Hamscher Dude, trash talk all you want…I DRAW for a living.

Btw, your emails trash talking Capullo AND Thomas Mason have made the rounds. You trash talk everyone behind their back. Awful.

Thomas Mason for the record… Jonathan hasn't said anything about me that he hasn't said to my face…

Jonathan Glapion Don't get pissed dude you started the shit talking. Read my first comment. I'm not saying anything I wouldn't say in person and didn't say shit about you. I know you draw for a living . Daniel Henriques won that contest you were supposed to DRAW and never followed through or bothered to let him know it wasn't going to happen… Awful.

Cory Hamscher No, you started the shit talking, reread the thread.

Cory Hamscher You don't know shit, the guy in charge of that book I was supposed to draw for him and that Daniel was going to ink opted to do a children's book instead that I have nothing to do with. That project never got off the ground because the guy paying for it had a different idea and I believe is still pursuing making that children's book into a cartoon. I lost out on that gig with Daniel, as well.

Cory Hamscher It wasn't my book, i found out it was a dead project months later. Daniel was in touch with the guy who was running and paying for the project, he could have easily asked him the status of it.

Jonathan Glapion Nope dude I know what I originally commented. General statement I've been saying for years. I didn't direct anything towards you, that's why you don't see your name in my original post.

Cory Hamscher Back peddle. How 'bout you do what you said and stay out of it. Thanks.

Jonathan Glapion Feel free to say my name Cory. Last I checked that was my second time on batman, two times more than you. No ego. You threw somebody under the bus and you're mad because you're in the wrong. And yes a direct attack at inkers which why you comment…. I draw for a living. Lol, yes you do buddy.

Cory Hamscher (smiley face)

Thomas Mason there was only one ego on batman and it wasn't Jonathan… just saying

Cory Hamscher If you're saying Capullo has an ego, then make no mistake that it is most definitely 1000% earned.

Jonathan Glapion Cory Hamscher lol puffs out his chest. You're funny. You can run your mouth with all that ego talk all you want like a f-ckin child. You seem to be stuck on me being fired from batman. So for the record I was fired off batman once before. Lol. Now let's fast forward to what I've been doing since….. Right, shut the f-ck up. Give us more post crying about how you will never ink anyone else again (a favor to that person) just to post hey I'm working on ghost rider. So please next time you mention how I got fired off one of the most successful story arcs of batman you mention the other time I was fired too. Lol. Oh and please pick up Wonder Woman (inks over finch).

Thomas Mason oh how i wish the TRUE story of went down on batman would come out some day… i really do….lol

Cory Hamscher Love it. I'm copying that post and saving it for a later date. Thanks, buddy.

Jonathan Glapion While you're at it save this.

John Davies I draw and ink too. But I am not a dick. Sooooo in the end. Don't be a dick.

Plus I thought the standard was at least one page a day uploaded to the server.

Number one rule is don't f-ck with the best. Learn from them. And don't be a dick to my friends. Jonathan is way out of your league. Trust me. Boom drops my quill. Damn. Picks it back up. I might use that one again.

Jon Roscetti yikes, guys. yikes.

You know who you need to up the ante a little?

Rob Liefeld Cory is one of the best inkers I've ever seen. Can slap ink around on the page better than anyone not named Scott Williams. Helluva Penciller as well.

Jonathan Glapion:

glapionMike McMahon Cory has me blocked so I can't see what he's saying but this is hilarious

Rob Liefeld Well, I for one learned a whole bunch from this thread. Guess I've been out of it for awhile…

Yes, there was the time Glapion was off Batman and Miki was on… maybe I should look into that again.

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