How Could Namor Survive His Death In Avengers?

So, this happened to Namor.

Image (79)

And this.

Image (80)

And then this.


Dead as a sea-dodo, right? Well… Jonathan Hickman does love a point of continuity to be raised and reincorporated… Such as this.


And this.


And this…

ribnpjxrqo4mph820dnbAnd this…


I was wondering… what about the sea cucumber?

Scientists at the University of Puerto Rico have discovered that sea cucumbers heal better than most animals in the world by directing their healing abilities toward their organs first. Scientists have long known that sea cucumbers belong to an exclusive group of creatures that is capable of both healing their wounds and regenerating parts of their body. The finding is particularly interesting because, contrary to popular belief, sea cucumbers use the same kind of healing that humans do to regenerate and fix their organs. Said Professor Garcia-Arraras of UP, "Many people, including scientists, regard sea cucumbers and other echinoderms like star fish and brittle stars as bizarre, exceptional outcasts because of their regenerative abilities. But we've shown that they use the same 'ordinary' mechanisms and processes to both regenerate and heal wounds."

Okay, I doubt any cucumber could survive an exploding planet. But he can use also that puffer fish ability for added damage resilience.

And yes, this is mindless speculation. Look forward to tomorrow's Avengers to find out how he actually escaped the wrath of the Black Panther. No sea cucumbers required…

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