Rick Remender's Declined Namor Pitch Was Frank Miller's Born Again, Wet

We're trying to space this stuff out so we don't spend all our Remender stimulus money at once, so today let's look at Remender's rejected pitch for a Namor series. to Remender the story would basically be Frank Miller's Born Again, but under the sea And as a wise crab (or was it a lobster)[...]

Gossip: Is Chip Zdarsky Writing a New Namor The Sub Mariner X-Men Comic?

Gossip: Is Chip Zdarsky Writing a New Namor The Sub Mariner X-Men Comic?

The current Namor-starring comic book series from Marvel, Invaders, may be coming to an end, but don't expect writer and Sex Criminals co-creator Chip Zdarsky to be done with the Sub Mariner.I am told that after his announced once-or-twice Fantastic Four/X-Men mini-series with Terry Dodson, to look to Chip to write a Namor X-Men-related book, part of[...]

Invaders #11 [Preview]

Topless Beach Party for Captain America and Namor in Invaders #11 [Preview]

We've got a preview, finally answering the question: what if Namor and Captain America spent an entire issue hanging out topless on a beach?Sure enough, Cap and Namor have been stranded on an island without their powers, which means it's time to take off their shirts (well, Namor is never wearing one anyway) and get[...]

Marvel Strike Force Fantastic 4

"Marvel Strike Force" Is Getting Namor & The Fantastic Four

FoxNet Games announced five new characters on the way to Marvel Strike Force, as we're getting the complete Fantastic Four and Namor You can read the full details and see the trailer here, but essentially they're coming in with a bang and in time for an 8th Anniversary event Best of luck to all of[...]

Invaders #6 Preview

Captain America Always Knew How to Treat a Nazi (Invaders #6 Preview)

In this preview of Invaders #6, we see that old Captain America in action.Of course, this is literally the old Captain America, as this scene takes place in a flashback to 1943, with Cap taking on Master Man on the battlefields of World War 2...But unlike the social media services of today, Cap knows exactly[...]

Marvel Unlimited Adds Classic Wolverine, Daredevil, Namor, Cloak & Dagger

Marvel Unlimited Adds Classic Wolverine, Daredevil, Namor, Cloak & Dagger


Namor Always Knew What to Do With Nazis (Invaders #5 Preview)

Namor Always Knew What to Do With Nazis (Invaders #5 Preview)

A lot of things can be said about Namor He's kind of a dick He looks good in a speedo But most importantly, he's always known exactly what to do with Nazis, as we see illustrated in the flashback in this preview of Invaders #5 No talking No debate No playing dress-up Just a good[...]

Namor, Really Just an Undersea Softy? Next Week's Invaders #4

Namor, Really Just an Undersea Softy? Next Week's Invaders #4

Namor the Submariner is known for being a curmudgeon of the seas, always scowling and shouting "imperius rex" and trying to start wars with the surface world and whatnot But underneath his gruff, chiseled exterior, is Namor just a big softy on the inside? This preview of next week's Invaders #4 shows another side of[...]

Namor is Kinda Useless in Next Week's Invaders #1

But Namor, the King of Atlantis, isn't really living up to his hype The preview shows Namor, weakened because he's a little thirsty, try and fail to save a soldier By the time his ally Captain America (who also used to know what to do with Nazis instead of being one back then) finds him,[...]

So Many Nazis Will Be Punched in Next Week's Marvel Comics Presents #1

For example, Namor was still kind of a grouch, and in this preview of next week's Marvel Comics Presents debut, taking place back in the Golden Age, he just wants to be done with the surface world and all their wars.Unfortunately, the Americans have other ideas Hitler may be dead, but there are still Nazis[...]

Namor Takes on Immigration Reform in The Best Defense: Namor #1

We already know that Namor the Submariner is an fervent environmentalist, but the King of Atlantis's affinity for liberal politics knows no bounds In next week's The Best Defense: Namor, Namor endures an argument with his xenophobic advisors over his plans to allow exiled ethnic group the Vodani into Atlantis...But regardless of their objections, Namor[...]

Marvel Comics Presents: The Time Namor Got Political About Pollution in 1989

And contrary to some nonsensical online arguments that comics from the 1980s didn't feature blatant political messages, this wordless story makes a big statement about environmentalism.It begins with the King of Atlantis merrily frolicking throughout a scenic natural landscape in nothing but his bracelets and his tight green speedo -- Imperius Rex! It's a lovely[...]

Namor Has Finally Entered His Goth Phase in Preview of Avengers #9

It takes guts for a 79-year-old character to rock fishnet, but nobody ever accused Namor the Submariner of lacking fashion courage The King of Atlantis makes an appearance in a preview of Avengers #9, breaking up the latest squabble in the long-running family drama of Stingray and Tiger Shark, and, well...Perhaps Namor has gotten jealous[...]

X-Men: Red #7 cover by Jenny Frisson

X-Men Red #7 Review: Abominations in the Sea, Sentinels in the Sky

Jean Grey, Storm, Gentle, and Namor are on the scene to respond Above the Atlantic, Trinary, Wolverine, Gabby, Nightcrawler, and Gambit are in the process of stealing the phone of the deceased British ambassador However, one of the men aboard the plane is activated by a Sentinite and begins firing into the cargo hold One[...]

Second Marvel Teaser of the Day Implies a Defenders Revival

Hulk and Namor were both members of the original team of Defenders alongside Doctor Strange, as they first appeared in 1971's Marvel Features #1 Soon after, Silver Surfer joined the team, but we'll have to wait until the rest of the teasers are revealed before we see who else is on the lineup.Check out the[...]

X-Men: Red #6 cover by Travis Charest

X-Men: Red #6 Review – Still the Best X-Men Book Currently on the Shelves

Namor, Nightcrawler, and Storm don’t get much to do, but future issues will likely spotlight them more.Cassandra Nova is further expanded upon (yes, I do know she’s an older villain) in the context of this story Her mutant hatred is motivated by her near-death at the hands of Charles Xavier This doesn’t mean that it’s[...]

X-Men: Red #5 cover by Travis Charest

X-Men Red #5 Review: Weaponizing the Truth

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A law is signed into effect in Poland allowing the government to apprehend any and all mutants within their borders. Around the world, hatred of mutants is rising once again. Meanwhile, Jean Grey and Trinary work to find a way to safely disarm the Sentinite in the head of David Bushell, the man […]

X-Men: Red #4 cover by Travis Charest

X-Men Red #4 Review: The Rise of Ab-Lantis

Once more, the story flows well, the characters are entertaining, and the social allegory is interesting.While it does touch on the idea of social media influencing mass opinion, it actually takes a step away with a new concept to X-Men comics, “the Sentinites.” While the name is a bit pained, it does serve as an[...]

X-ual Healing: The Best Wolverine Can Only Be Found in Exiles #3

Then they meet Beatnick Namor.When Kamala refuses some wine, Namor invites her to an orgy, which she also refuses Namore calls her a square and offers to get her high in any number of ways Blink is kind of into it, but she's concerned about the time-eater Then things take a dark turn when an[...]

X-Men: Red #2 cover by Travis Charest

X-Men Red #2 Review: Holding on to Hope as the Quality Remains High

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A mutant named Trinary is being held by the Indian government. She contacts Jean Grey and her team, who are hiding out in Wakanda after the death of the UK ambassador. Naturally, the X-Men agree to help Trinary. X-Men Red is holding together. The first issue showed great promise, and, while #2 isn't quite […]