First Look at Welcome to Wanderland #1 by Jackie Ball and Maddi Gonzalez

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look preview of Welcome to Wanderland #1, the new mini-series by Jackie Ball and Maddi Gonzalez which asks the question: what if the most magical place on Earth were actually a nightmare? We'll take it one step further: what if the parent corporation of the most magical place on Earth was slowly buying up all of the intellectual property in the world and maintaining control over it in perpetuity due to the limitless extension of copyright law through legalized bribery lobbying… but the concept here is a little more simplistic than that:

Bellamy Muñoz knows everything there is to know about Wanderland Park. She knows when all the most iconic rides were built, all the shortcuts around the park, and all the secret lore behind Old West Town, Space Age Metropolis, and New Princesston. So when she winds up in the REAL version of Wanderland, with real princesses and adorable talking woodland creatures, Bellamy is sure that she has GOT this…that is, until it starts to become clear that this magical land isn't much like the real world park at all, and the characters she thinks she knows aren't at all like she'd imagined.

BOOM! Senior Editor Shannon Watters said in the press release:

WELCOME TO WANDERLAND is a hilarious, creative look at what happens when you allow the art that you love to inform your growth, instead of stifle it. Jackie and Maddi have created a lush world steeped in humor and theme park geekery together and I'm so excited to share it with readers.

With a variant by Brittney Williams, Welcome to Wanderland #1 hits stores on September 12th. Check out the preview below:

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