First Look At Pencils Prove Stuart Immonen Has Long Lead Time On Amazing Spider-Man

As first reported right here on Bleeding Cool (pip pip), Stuart Immonen will take over as artist of Amazing Spider-Man with Amazing Spider-Man #25 in March. Now, thanks to images we've stolen from Newsarama while Chris Arrant was busy letting other comics journalists know where there were job openings in the comics industry on Twitter so that they could achieve the ultimate purpose of comics journalism and get a job in comics, we know that he's shockingly already started work on the book, even though it doesn't come out for three months. This marks a stark departure from the usual Marvel method, which is to announce a bunch of books the marketing department though of along with a super-mega-crossover event, wait a month or two to assign and announce creative teams, and then hope for the best, often resulting in super-mega-crossover events delayed by several months and screwing up the whole publishing line.

Thankfully, that won't be the case this time. Plus, Immonen's pencils look great. The only flaw we can find here is that Dan Slott is writing the book still, but the art may be nice enough to overlook even that.










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