Five Quick Questions With Miss Fury / Black Sparrow Writer Victor Gischler

Noir03-Cov-SyafAs the Noir series featuring Miss Fury and The Black Sparrow continues, Rob Williams sat down with writer Victor Gischler to check in on the series and exactly what he's doing with Miss Fury.

ROB WILLIAMS: Are you treating Marla Drake well, Mr Gischler?

VICTOR GISHCLER: I think I am, but she sure is hell on the other characters.  There are few ladies who can give the Black Sparrow a run for her money, but Miss Fury sure is one of them.  Fact is, if I've made her even twenty percent as edgy as you have, Rob, then I'll take that as a win.  You've really taken than classic character and turned her into pure awesome for a modern audience.  I'm just following your lead.

RW: To what extent is this a different Miss Fury than we see in her regular series?

VG: I'm trying to take my cue from you (see last answer) but I think I want to give her a tad more sense of teamwork.    I think she and Black Sparrow make a very effective team … but deep down, both of these ladies are out for themselves, so I don't want to lose my connection with that.  Also adds an element of unpredictability to the mix.

RW: What is it about noir tales that still; appeal to us in 2013/2014 do you think?

VG: I think some of us will always be fascinated with darkness.  And while NOIR might not actually be the darkest thing you'll ever read, it's not like the protagonists are Superman or Captain America.

RW: How is Black Sparrow different from Miss Fury as a character? What distinguishes them from each other?

VG: I think Black Sparrow has a similar edge but is a bit more business like.  I'll put it this way … Black Sparrow is always focused on the end goal.  Miss Fury finds the journey along the way to be the wild ride that makes it all worth it.

RW: How has it been working with Andrea Mutti?

VG: I think he is a good fit for 1930s-40s pulp.  I toss reference for a car or a gun at him and he eats it up and knows just what to do.  His pencils have that appeal and match well with Vlad's colors.

Noir #3 is on sale now.

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