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Miss Fury #8 (Timely, 1946)
"Like some fantastic creation, Black Fury relentlessly fights crime in all its phases, in the distorted minds of ruthless men.  A beautiful girl, like a phantom crusader for what is right…"  So began a March 29, 1941 teaser for a new comic strip which included the first image the public ever saw of this early[...]
Dynamite Expands Their Latest Groupees Bundle
These books will be added to the packages of folks who already made the purchases as well. Miss Fury #1 has been added to the first or $1 tier The second or $5 tier now includes Brickleberry: Armageddon #1 and the third or $15 tier has gained both Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Wild Card #1 and[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Dejah Thoris #6 And Miss Fury #5
Dejah Thoris is reunited with John Carter in issue six of the series written by Frank Barbiere and drawn by Francesco Manna and Miss Fury must decide who she really is in issue five written by Corinna Bechko and drawn by Jonathan Lau Also on sale this week, the Purgatori statue from the art of[...]
Corinna S. Bechko Talks The First Superhero Created And Drawn By A Woman
Bechko about Miss Fury #4, both on sale now from Dynamite Covers by Tula Lotay and Jonathan Lau. DAVID AVALLONE: I hadn't been following this series, so I came into #4 in media res and it was fantastically entertaining I'm going to pick up the first three I also was not familiar with Miss Fury When[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview For Miss Fury And Grumpy Cat
First up is the fourth issue of Miss Fury by writer Corinna Bechko and artist Jonathan Lau as we learn more of the heroines powers And then from Miss Fury to Miss Furry with Grumpy Cat #6 as the frowning feline has to teach two dog-loving boys the difference between cats and dogs. Miss Fury #4 writer:[...]
A Digital Comics Crime Bundle 89% Off Of Regular Price
It's the largest of the 20 current featured bundles and it offers a savings of 89%… the next highest is 42% off and there are some 51% off in the remaining bundles… It's by far one of the best deals on the site right now. The titles included are: • Uncanny #1 – #6: Digital Exclusive Edition •[...]
Corinna Bechko Compares Miss Fury To Doctor Fate
Bechko about Miss Fury #3 and Corinna admits she read Nancy's work before tackling Aliens / Vampirella Cover is by Tula Lotay, interiors by Jonathan Lau. NANCY COLLINS: Can you give a quick explanation of who Marla Drake/Miss Fury is, for the benefit of those readers unfamiliar with the character and her history? CORINNA S BECHKO: Marla[...]
Exclusive – Vampirella, Dejah Thoris And Miss Fury For August
The third issue of Kate Leth and Eman Casallos' take on Vampirella and the final issue of Corinna Bechko and Jonathan Lau's Miss Fury Vol 2. For those not familiar with the character of Miss Fury, she debuted in a comic strip in 1941 by female artist Tarpe Mills and was one of the earliest super[...]
Corinna Bechko's Writer Commentary For Miss Fury Vol 2 #1
A Writer's Commentary: Corinna Bechko on Miss Fury #1, on sale today from Dynamite. Interior art is by Jonathan Lau. Page 1 It was important to me that we meet Marla at work, because so much of the story is about her various identities, and what she does for a living is a very important to her[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Gold Key Alliance #1 And Miss Fury #1
The second preview is for a new Miss Fury series by Corinna Bechko and Jonathan Lau Jonathan nailed the art on the last Solar: Man of the Atom series so it's nice to see him get another heroine to work with. Gold Key Alliance #1 writer: Phil Hester artist: Brent Peeples covers: Felipe Massafera (a), Phil Hester[...]
20 Page Preview For Miss Fury Vol 2: Walk Through The Valley TP
On Wednesday, Dynamite Entertainment is launching a new Miss Fury series to be written by Corinna Bechko and drawn by Jonathan Lau But they don't want you to forget the previous series by Rob Williams and Jack Herbert, which has the second volume trade coming out the same day Fans of the classic pulp character[...]
An Early Look Inside Twilight Zone: The Shadow, Xena And Miss Fury
And finally the second Miss Fury trade, Walk Through The Valley by Dennis Calero and Rob Williams. THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE SHADOW #1 (OF 4) Cover A Main: Francesco Francavilla Writer: David Avallone Art: Dave Acosta He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men… but who knows what lurks in the heart of The Shadow? Find out, in[...]
Women Of Dynamite Lead Groupees Bundle To Help Saved Whiskers Rescue
In total, 84 comics are available as part of the Dynamite Groupees Bundle, a value of $180.00. The $5.00 Tier includes 29 comics at an approximately $60.00 value: • The Complete Alice In Wonderland • The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #1-#5 • Damsels: Giant Killer One-Shot • The Essential Painkiller Jane • Lady Zorro #1-4 • Red[...]
Writer's Commentary – Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide
If you picked up the new Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide special yesterday you got to see a cover by Mirka Andolfo, interior art by Ronilson Freire and a story by Mikki Kendall This was Kendall's first time doing a comic book and now we get an idea of what she was[...]
Mikki Kendall Talks Swords Of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide
Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide special includes art by Ronilson Freire and a cover by Mirka Andolfo The book is on sale now. BYRON BREWER: How does it feel to be a part of this all-female character/writer event? MIKKI KENDALL: The She-vengers are amazing It's a very talented group who have been incredibly patient[...]
Ronilson Freire's Process Art For Swords Of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide
Today we have some of the process art for Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide Special by Ronilson Freire and colors by Kirsty Swan The script is done by Mikka Kendal and is part of Dynamite's all-female written summer event lead by Gail Simone. When everything is going wrong, sometimes the only person you[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Miss Fury #2 By Williams And Herbert
We are expecting news this weekend on the future for the pulp heroine Miss Fury While we wait, we have the second issue of the recent Dynamite series written by Rob Williams and Jack Herbert. Transported through time to 2013, the original pulp heroine is tasked with hunting down cloaked Nazi secret agents in modern-day Washington[...]
Miss Fury And Lady Rawhide Combine For Swords Of Sorrow One-Shot
There will be another one-shot special in the event, Swords Of Sorrow: Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide There will also be a special cosplay variant cover for Swords Of Sorrow #3 based on a photo four cosplayers did reenacting the first issue cover by J Scott Campbell. The photograph featured as the Cosplay Edition of Swords of[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Miss Fury #1 By Williams And Herbert
Today we have the first issue of the Miss Fury series by Rob Williams and Jack Herbert This noir character is one of many that Dynamite has offered up as part of the current StoryBundle This pay-what-you-want StoryBundle focuses on Dynamite's Omnibuses so you can get the full Miss Fury run and much more. Today[...]
Exclusive First Look At The Swords Of Sorrow Books Shipping In September
Going into the fifth month we see the penultimate issue of the main series, a new Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide special and the conclusion of the Red Sonja / Jungle Girl miniseries. Swords of Sorrow #5 (OF 6) Cover A Main: Tula Lotay Cover B Variant: Emanuela Lupacchino Writer: Gail Simone Art: Sergio Davila As the epic era-spanning tale rockets[...]
Always Cyborg Nazis – Rob Williams Talks Ending Miss Fury
With this months issue #11, Rob Williams and Dynamite will be bringing the tale of Miss Fury to a close for a while  Bryon Brewer chatted with Williams about the series, the time-traveling aspects and the cyber Nazis. BYRON BREWER: So, Rob, how did the Miss Fury revival come about and how did you get the gig? ROB[...]
31 Thoughts About 31 Comics – Avengers Undercover, Secret Avengers, Returning, Rust, First Born, Wraith, All New X-Men, Bee & Puppy Cat, Batman Eternal, Uber, Royals Masters Of War, Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, Batgirl, JLU, TMNT, Deceivers, Lumberjanes, Next Testament, Sons Of Anarchy, Judge Dredd, Miss Fury, Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, Ash And The Army Of Darkness, Tales From The Con, Shutter, Minimum Wage, Starlight, Shadow, Think Tank
Surely "Fuck it" would have done well here as well? Whereas Miss Fury is much more taciturn. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye supplies what passes for robotic humour I'm not convinced. John Byrne's Star Trek: New Visions gives us a Mirror Mirror Spock but… without the beard! How evil! From GI Joe A Real American Hero… you know,[...]
Extended Previews The Shadow #25, Ash And The Army Of Darkness #7 And Miss Fury #11
The Shadow #25, Ash And The Army Of Darkness #7 and Miss Fury #11 With The Shadow and Miss Fury we are looking at the final issue of both. THE SHADOW #25 Chris Roberson (w) Giovanni Timpano (a) Alex Ross, Dean Motter (c) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ FINAL ISSUE!!! The Zombie Queen of Chinatown and her undead horde have[...]
Getting Wild With Miss Fury – Greg Pak Interviews Rob Williams
Comic writer Greg Pak interviews Rob Williams about Miss Fury #10 and the on-going time travel story that is updating the classic character for a modern audience What is the future of the Dynamite series? Read on… GREG PAK: Rob, you're doing some pretty wild stuff with MISS FURY, updating a character from the Golden Age[...]
Full Issues of The Shadow and Miss Fury For Big Pulp Weekend On Comixology
We have the Shadow #1 by Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell and Miss Fury #1 by Rob Williams and Jack Herbert. You can find the sale here. Dynamite is doing another ComiXology sale this weekend, this time focusing on their Pulp characters In honor of that they've given us not on, but two full issues[...]
36 Thoughts About 36 Comics – Futures End, Original Sin, Batman Eternal, Adventure Time, Woods, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, Grindhouse, Phantom Stranger, Revival, Satellite Sam, Justice League 3000, Batman/Superman, Chaos, Miss Fury, Revenge, Revelations, Aphrodite, Red Sonja, Turok, Sinister Dexter, Sixth Gun, Suicide Risk, Rat Queens, Illegitimates, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Cyberforce, Lone Ranger, Alex + Ada, Black Bat, Powerpuff Girls, Crow, Black Dynamite, Jinnrise, I Was The Cat, Garfield And Dead Letters
But it's good to know the ninety-nine percenters have always behaved like this. CyberForce #9 has some serious First World problems too. Poor Miss Fury No one considers her problems either It's a cruel world What's a girl to do? Anyone else suggest any subtle messages? Well, yes, something like that I'm sure From Chaos #1. Revenge makes[...]
Extended Previews – Chaos, Miss Fury And Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Then we move on to the first issue of the new Chaos series by Tim Seeley and Mirka Andolfo just in time for the 20th anniversary of Chaos Comics! And Finally we've got Miss Fury as she continues the search for Captain Chandler by Rob Williams and Marcio Abreu. TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER #4 Greg Pak (w) Mirko Colak[...]
Five Quick Questions With Miss Fury / Black Sparrow Writer Victor Gischler
As the Noir series featuring Miss Fury and The Black Sparrow continues, Rob Williams sat down with writer Victor Gischler to check in on the series and exactly what he's doing with Miss Fury. ROB WILLIAMS: Are you treating Marla Drake well, Mr Gischler? VICTOR GISHCLER: I think I am, but she sure is hell on the[...]