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Spirits of Vengeance #5 cover by Dan Mora and Juan Fernandez

Spirits of Vengeance #5 Review: A Satisfying Finale for a Troubled Series

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The time for the covenant is now. The Archangel Michael and the Archdemon Beleth are now meeting. The Devil mocks Satana and Daimon for even trying to stop it. On Earth, the two offspring of Satan, Ghost Rider, and Blade must stop Hell from overtaking Earth. Ghost Rider is the key to stopping […]

Spirits of Vengeance #4 Cover by Dan Mora and Federico Blee

Spirits of Vengeance #4 Review: Highlight of the Series

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Satana and Blade investigate where Necrodamus acquired the pieces of Judas Silver while Necrodamus himself prepares for the final stage of his plan. Later, the Spirits of Vengeance go after the dwarf who forged the pieces of the Judas Silver into a weapon for Necrodamus, which leads to Damion Hellstrom and Satanna pursuing […]

Spirits of Vengeance #3 cover by Dan Mora and Juan Fernandez

Spirits of Vengeance #3 Review: Better, but Still Very Underwhelming

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We learn of the extended story of the pieces of silver, given to Judas Iscariot in exchange for the life of Jesus Christ. More specifically, we are shown how Necrodamus got his hands on the 30 pieces. Necrodamus needs all 30 pieces for the weapon he wishes to create, and he has sent […]

Marvel Legacy 'Spirits of Vengeance' #1 Review- Fire And Brimstone

Thankfully, you are the Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider, so handle people like this all the time.This is the setup to Spirits of Vengeance #1 by Victor Gischler and David Baldeon, the Marvel Legacy mini-series starring Ghost Rider, Blade, Satana, and the Son of Satan.In a supernatural, demon-filled adventure like this, Marvel has the[...]

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Is Marvel Legacy's Spirits Of Vengeance, A Five-Issue Mini, "Dead On Arrival?"

You call anything else in the Marvel Universe a limited series, it’s dead on arrival. With such a stark admission from Gabriel, it's surprising that Marvel would publicly reveal that Spirits of Vengeance by Victor Gischler and David Baldeon will be a five issue mini-series rather than launching it as an ongoing and cancelling it later,[...]

Titan Releases Covers For First Two Independence Day Comics

Titan Comics has released the covers for the upcoming Independence Day comic, written by Victor Gischler (Deadpool) with art by Steve Scott (X-Men Forever) Both the first and second issues are due out in March.INDEPENDENCE DAY #1 Writer: Victor Gischler Artist: Steve Scott Cover A - Movie Cover Cover B – Dio NevesAs our world unites against invaders from beyond[...]

Red Sonja / Conan #2 Process Art By Robert Castro

The issue is written by Victor Gischler and drawn by Roberto Castro. Red Sonja awakes bloodied and bruised to find she's missed the end of an epic battle As she pieces together what happened, she discovers that Conan is missing and a local wizard has used bloodroot to create a terrible weapon. For more information on Red[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – The Shadow #7 By Gischler And Herbert

Here we have The Shadow #7 by writer Victor Gischler and artist Jack Herbert The cover art was done by Alex Ross. The Shadow is known for the mystic power which allows him to cloud men's minds and read their hearts But what happens when this power fails him? After the Shadow fails to stop a[...]

Red Sonja And Conan Have Some Unfinished Business To Take Care Of

With the Red Sonja / Conan series going strong, Byron Brewer sat down with writer Victor Gischler talks about how things will wrap up for the Dynamite / Dark Horse series Cover Art by Ed Benes.BYRON BREWER: Victor, in November this exciting re-teaming of iconic barbarian favorites will reach its climax Did you tell the[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Noir #1 By Gischler And Mutti

To go along with their Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! promotion over on Storybundle, Dynamite has sent over the first issue of Victor Gischler and Andreas Mutti run on Noir. Prelude to Miss Fury! When thieves steal from other thieves it always causes problems, doesn't it? So when The Black Sparrow is hired to steal a mysterious "Moon Stone"[...]

Victor Gischler's Writer Commentary on Red Sonja / Conan #1

Here we have a writer’s commentary by Victor Gischler for the first issue Art is by Roberto Castro.Page 1 – Joe and I had discussed that it would be better to have some connective tissue between Zub and Simone’s arc and mine.  So I wanted to take us back to the city where their story[...]

An Art Contest For Fans Of Titan's Sally Of The Wasteland

Titan Comics is happy to announce an art contest for fans of Sally Of The Wasteland! Do you consider yourself a post-apocalyptic art warrior? If the answer is yes, now is your chance to impress the creative team that consists of Victor Gischler (X-Men, Punisher Max, Angel & Faith) and Tazio Bettin Sally Of The[...]

Conan / Red Sonja To Be Followed By Red Sonja / Conan By Victor Gischler

Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics will follow up their Conan / Red Sonja crossover series with a new one, Red Sonja / Conan by writer Victor Gischler The first issue of the series will feature covers by Alex Ross, Ed Benes and Robert Castro. In Red Sonja / Conan, the crimson-tressed warrior and Hyborian berserker[...]