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The Boys Drops Into Legendary: Game Of Heroes For A Special Event
N3TWORK and Dynamite Entertainment have come together for a special The Boys event happening in Legendary: Game Of Heroes For the next five weeks, Legendary: Game of Heroes players will encounter some familiar faces as characters from The Boys comic book series will drop in across the universe You'll do battle against evil Supes through[...]
Sacred Six #1 Review: Compelling But Not Quite New Reader Friendly
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment. Kind of The issue is structured in short vignettes that introduce crucial characters, starting with Jordan and Malik, two kids walking home from school This, the first sequence in the book, is one of the most interesting, as Malik tells Jordan a story about a Pharoah — "a teenage girl-king" from Thebes, Egypt[...]
Ethan Sacks' Fire Breathing Writer’s Commentary on Kiss Zombies #5
But Ethan Sacks has a Writer's Commentary for his Kiss Zombies comic just out from Dynamite Entertainment He writes. Ethan Sacks' Fire Breathing Writer's Commentary on Kiss Zombies #5. Page 1: It all comes down to this! When crafting my original pitch and outline for Kevin Ketner, my editor at Dynamite, I wanted to end the series with[...]
Vampirella Seduces Us for Her 50th Anniversary Sideshow Statue
Sideshow Collectibles and Dynamite Entertainment are proud to present the Vampirella 50th Anniversary black and white statue This statue is a 1/6th scale tribute to one of her most memorable illustrations from the classic "Warren era" of Vampirella The statue is 12 inches tall, and the character is displayed on her bat logo as well[...]
Gail Simone Dances With The Devil In The Pale Dynamite...
Dynamite Entertainment has announced they are publishing a new Death Defying 'Devil comic book, written by Gail Simone, drawn by Walter Geovanni, colored by Adriano Augusto, lettered by Simon Bowland and edited by Kevin Ketner Inspired by Rod Serling, Bronze Age horror/mystery anthologies, and modern street-level heroics, the new series launching in August. The 'Devil finds[...]