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Time Before Time #6 Review: Satisfies
When you get to the end of the issue, and you see how it all tied together, you'll have to give a respectful slow clap as the script from Rory McConville and Declan Shalvey elegantly swirls plot threads in and around each other until they get to a harsh but satisfying conclusion. Shalvey's artwork here is[...]
My Name
My Name is a noir thriller with action, and being K-Drama, it's always going to be extra in every department. My Name Still Netflix © 2021 My Name starts streaming on Netflix on October 15th. My Name, one of the major K-Dramas of this fall, is coming to Netflix on October 15th Han Soo-Hee plays a woman[...]
Time Before Time #4 Review: Noirish Sci-Fi Thrills
With noirish sci-fi thrills and a wonderfully intricate science fiction world built around them, this issue continues an engaging look at two people on the run. Time Before Time #4 Cover Credit: Image Comics Tatsuo is a criminal, working for the Syndicate as a time-traveling "coyote" that takes people from futures they hate to pasts they might[...]
Trese: VOD Panel on Filipino Anime at Anime Expo Lite 2021
The series has been trending on social media because there hasn't really been an anime quite like it, a combination of familiar supernatural noir tropes and Southeast Asian folklore that's unfamiliar to many people in the West. Still from "Trese", Netflix The panel will be posted by ABLAZE publishing, which publishes the Trese graphic novel series in[...]
Trese: Filipino Folklore and Cultural Details Trump Generic Animation
What's not to love about that? Supernatural noir in "Trese", Netflix The series draws on Filipino folklore and supernatural horror that feel fresh because Southeast Asian folklore is less familiar to Westerners Tan and Badisimo also find witty and inventive ways to update the supernatural and weave it into the fabric of modern urban life as metaphors[...]
Cliff Walkers: Zhang Yimou’s First Spy Thriller Gets New Trailer
Cliff Walkers has Zhang drawing on the "men in trenchcoats with guns" noir imagery of French director Jean-Pierre Melville for his first spy noir thriller. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Cliff Walkers 《悬崖之上》International First Trailer| IN THEATERS APRIL 30, 2021 ( Zhang's most recent U.S[...]
Nightwing #44 cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire
It's kinetic, gritty, and lends itself to the noir hybrid atmosphere of the comic There were a few panels, especially in the dark of the crime scene late in the comic, that forced me to stop and marvel at the elegance of the page composition I'm aware of how pretentious that sentence made me sound,[...]
Dry County #2 cover by Rich Tommaso
Lou assumes her ex-boyfriend is responsible, and Lou and Rob begin searching South Florida for her whereabouts. Dry County #2 cover by Rich Tommaso Dry County wants to be a pseudo-noir mystery comic about a comic strip writer searching for his potential girlfriend over whom he's completely enamored The comic itself is a rather dull detective story[...]
Analog #1 cover by David O'Sullivan and Jordie Bellaire
Louis. Analog #1 cover by David O'Sullivan and Jordie Bellaire Analog presents a nice premise injected with noir vibes and a good lead if you can just get past the logic of said premise The comic, very smartly, is intentionally vague with what exactly happened, and it should probably leave it like that All we know is[...]
Batwoman #13 cover by Dan Panosian
The world is given a lot of detail and fits the pseudo-noir tone to which the book aspires John Rauch's color art adds that extra layer of darkness and ominous to make the book's visuals really click There are a lot of dark shades to be balanced by the red in Kate's costume. Batwoman #13 is[...]