Nightwing #44 cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire
It's kinetic, gritty, and lends itself to the noir hybrid atmosphere of the comic There were a few panels, especially in the dark of the crime scene late in the comic, that forced me to stop and marvel at the elegance of the page composition I'm aware of how pretentious that sentence made me sound,[...]
Dry County #2 cover by Rich Tommaso
Lou assumes her ex-boyfriend is responsible, and Lou and Rob begin searching South Florida for her whereabouts. Dry County #2 cover by Rich Tommaso Dry County wants to be a pseudo-noir mystery comic about a comic strip writer searching for his potential girlfriend over whom he's completely enamored The comic itself is a rather dull detective story[...]
Analog #1 cover by David O'Sullivan and Jordie Bellaire
Louis. Analog #1 cover by David O'Sullivan and Jordie Bellaire Analog presents a nice premise injected with noir vibes and a good lead if you can just get past the logic of said premise The comic, very smartly, is intentionally vague with what exactly happened, and it should probably leave it like that All we know is[...]
Batwoman #13 cover by Dan Panosian
The world is given a lot of detail and fits the pseudo-noir tone to which the book aspires John Rauch's color art adds that extra layer of darkness and ominous to make the book's visuals really click There are a lot of dark shades to be balanced by the red in Kate's costume. Batwoman #13 is[...]
Daredevil #598 cover by Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
I do wish they had kept the moniker "Vincent Van Gore", though. This portion of "Mayor Fisk" pleasingly resembles a noir tale, with subversion and detective work being the main tool at Daredevil's disposal This isn't new, of course, but writer Charles Soule clearly has a strong grasp on how to best make this work with[...]
Vinegar Teeth #1 cover by Troy Nixey and Guy Major
Guy Major's darker and brown-centric color palette complements this visual design very well. Vinegar Teeth #1 is a fun and bizarre excursion into this pseudo-noir world that happens to have a monster It is a surreal read with complementary art, and I can easily recommend it It's strangely absorbing, and you should check it out. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form[...]
Daredevil #597 cover by Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo
When Daredevil emerges, the shadows are heavy, and a pleasingly noir-esque style is on display Matt Milla's color art coordinates well, brighter in the first portion and darker in the latter It looks great. Daredevil #597 takes a true-crime approach to the "Mayor Fisk" art not unlike the first season of the Netflix series It's a[...]
Fighting Crime While Building A Corrupt Pension In 'This Is The Police'
All without getting caught or making life worse for yourself. This Is The Police is an interesting mix of noir, simulator and story adventure After a lengthy intro about like as a cop, you start with a press conference where you choose your responses You then get to operate your force from your office using two[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Noir #1 By Gischler And Mutti
To go along with their Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! promotion over on Storybundle, Dynamite has sent over the first issue of Victor Gischler and Andreas Mutti run on Noir. Prelude to Miss Fury! When thieves steal from other thieves it always causes problems, doesn't it? So when The Black Sparrow is hired to steal a mysterious "Moon Stone"[...]
As Close To True Crime As Noir Can Get – Bryce Carlson Talks HIT 1957
The Hit series occupy an important place in comic fandom right now as a blend of heightened realism with true crime sensibilities and as all new stories that follow in the footsteps of major prose and film works in the noir genre The result is a comic that gets as close to true crime as[...]