Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)

In today's DC Comics' Future State: The Next Batman #4, we get a clue as to what it is that has traumatised Jace Fox, son of Lucius Fox and led him to becoming The Next Batman. Maybe. In his new down-to-Earth Batmobile, he sees someone in his way. And goes all flashback.

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)
Jace Fox is the Next Batman

Is this a tease for a traumatic moment being set up in Batman: Second Son? Because while we still don't know what happened to Tamara Fox, comatised at the hands of a Batperson, something does happen to Jace's mother, Tanya.

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)
Jace Fox and Tanya Fox on the streets of Gotham

You stab your mother with that mouth? And Jace Fox is still getting grief for that name change as well. Will it stick? Will we see where it come from? Is it simply to stop Batfans mixing up Tim Fox and Tim Drake?

The Fox Family In Next Batman

The Fox family are the wealthiest in Gotham. But not everything bears their name. Take a certain Fox News. It seems to go by a different name in Gotham.

Future State: Nightwing #2
Future State: Nightwing #2

JAK-L News. Jackyl. I mean, that's close enough to Fox News, right? And also a fascist propaganda wing for those in charge. But don't take my word for it. Take Batman's.

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)
Jace Fox is Batman. Nightwing is not.

The Next Batman that is. Of course, even the tamest news source can occasionally step out of line and call Arizona.

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)

No, of course, this is all allegory and there is no mention of any actual Presidential candidate or anything.

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)

While the Fox family are known for being behind the Magistrate, Cybers, Peacekeepers and drones, there are other contractors to consider. It was a big job.

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)
Next Batman #4

Dilton Technologiues behind the Cybers, and Simon Saint behind the Magistrate, but Fox involved with them all. Though not even their drones can go the full distance…

Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)

Maybe Fox should hire Nightwing?

Future State: Nightwing #2
Future State: Nightwing #2

And even Trojan Solutions who are more active in Metropolis – and on Warworld – are wanting to make Metropolis more like Fox's Gotham. And they have found an excellent way of fitting more hours into the work day.

Future State: Superman: Worlds At War #2
Future State: Superman: Worlds At War #2

Nothing like having ambition….

(W) Andrew Constant (A) Nicola Scott (CA) Yasmine Putri
It's an all-new dynamic for the Dynamic Duo when Nightwing and Gotham's mysterious new Batman join forces against the Magistrate. But when the totalitarian force controlling the city declares the two heroes their primary targets, Nightwing will need to call on the full force of his hidden resistance, including two Batgirls, Huntress, and Two-Face! But even then, will it be enough? Find out in this action-packed conclusion! Retail: $3.99

(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Ladronn
The next Batman goes head-to-head with the Magistrate's shock troops to protect the…guilty?! It's a savage running battle across Gotham City, and it will have the next Dark Knight fighting overwhelming odds to prove that justice still lives in the heart of a broken city. In the finale of "Batgirls," after discovering the person locked in the high-security cell is the one who's been sending out "Batman Lives" signals to the Resistance, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain must work together to make sure they take that person when they escape their prison! Plus, in the conclusion of "Gotham City Sirens," Catwoman and the new android Siren hide out in Poison Ivy's newly built paradise, where they discuss their past relationships, including what Catwoman has—or had—with Batman. But when Peacekeeper forces arrive, the new Siren will have to make a sacrifice to save her friends. Retail: $7.99

"Superman: Worlds of War" written by PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON
"Superman: Worlds of War" art by MIKEL JANíN
"Midnighter" written by MICHAEL W. CONRAD and BECKY CLOONAN
"Midnighter" art by GLEB MELNIKOV
"Black Racer" written by JEREMY ADAMS
"Black Racer" art by SIYA OUM
"Mister Miracle" written by BRANDON EASTON
"Mister Miracle" art by VALENTINE DE LANDRO
cover by MIKEL JANÍN
card stock variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICI
ON SALE 2/16/21 | $7.99 US | 64 PAGES
2 OF 2 | FC | DC
Meet the rising champion of the gladiatorial pits of Warworld: Superman! The Man of Steel is still down in the pits duking it out with Mongul's hordes and working his way up to the big boss himself. But since it's Superman, there has to be more to this than a simple determination to win the title belt, right? Yes, because he's also got Midnighter out there on a mission to chase down a dangerous new power source…but the man standing in his way is all too familiar.
Plus, the Black Racer smashes her way to freedom, and Mister Miracle, now trapped on Warworld himself, has to find his way back to the bottle city of Metropolis—and his only mode of transportation is a busted Boom Tube!


(W) Ram V (A) Otto Schmidt (CA) Liam Sharp
Catwoman has clawed her way through half of the Magistrate's bullet train, but her fight has only just begun! Now, with Onomatopoeia in tow, Selina makes her way toward the car carrying a ghost of her past, and Gotham's as well. It's Bruce Wayne…but is it really him? And with Talia al Ghul on board as well, will this be a long-awaited reunion between the Bat and the Cat, or will Selina's mission to rescue the Magistrate's prisoners go off the rails?
Retail: $3.99

Foc Fox Fox Fox


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