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The previous digital issue of The Next Batman: Second Son saw Tanya Fox, wife of Lucius Fox, mother of Luke Fox, Batwing, and Jace/Tim Fox – The Next Batman – approach the new Commissioner Renee Montoya with legal papers They are one of the richest families on the planet now, but how far can that[...]
Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)
Will it stick? Will we see where it come from? Is it simply to stop Batfans mixing up Tim Fox and Tim Drake? The Fox family are the wealthiest in Gotham But not everything bears their name Take a certain Fox News It seems to go by a different name in Gotham. Future State: Nightwing #2 JAK-L News[...]
Dark Detective Future State Spoilers
So what did Lucius have to sign to spare him and his work? Future State: Dark Detective #3 Well, it looks like it's not just Jason Todd betraying his friends, Luke Fox is doing the same, giving Huntress over to the Magistrate and tricking bodyguard/mercenary Grifter in the process. Bruce Wayne and Tim Fox in Future State: Dark[...]
Next Batman #2
And that Tim Fox – Jace Fox – was Batman The next Batman Okay, that was made clear by PR rather than the comic book itself, but today's Next Batman #2 from DC Comics fixes that. The Next Batman #2 artwork But we get more information regarding the legal background, Tanya Fox' relationship with Mayor Nakano, and[...]
Next Batman And Robin – Tim Fox, Damian Wayne Get Own DC Comics
DC Comics has started to let folk know about their April 2021 solicitations, showing how Tim Fox will become the Next Batman with the first series continuing from DC's Future State As well as Damian Wayne getting his first solo series and answering all those questions about what happened to him, after leaving the Robin[...]
DC Comics Has Turned 5G Into Future State Imprint
But it does mean that Future State: Swamp Thing #1 is now selling for $13 on eBay. The Next Batman #2, with the Tim/Jace Fox reveal cover has also sold in advance of sale for $10 Batman #313, with the first appearance of Tim Fox, has sold for almost $800 on eBay, 8.5 CGC and $500 raw[...]
The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
We all know it's Tim Fox, estranged son of Lucius and Tanya Fox, brother to Luke and Tam Fox. Tanya is now working for the opposition, for the anti-mask Mayor Nakano, behind the Peacekeeper and Magistrate programs of Gotham, responsible for the believed death of Batman and planning to do the same to The Next Batman[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Tim Fox, The Next Batman, What Of His Family?
Time to look at the Next Batman, Tim Fox and the rest of the Fox family, ahead of the DC Comics' Future State event, starting on Jan 6th 2021 Because DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and[...]
First Next Batman Tim Fox Appearance, Batman, #313 $500 Sale On eBay
DC Comics just confirmed earlier reports by Bleeding Cool that the upcoming Batman series by John Ridley will feature Tim Fox as the new Batman Or rather, the Next Batman, as part of the two-month Future State initiative in January and February Originally planned to replace Bruce Wayne permanently, as part of Dan DiDio's 5G, it[...]
DC Comics Confirms That Tim Fox Is The Next Batman
Back in September, Bleeding Cool was the first place to state that the upcoming Batman series by John Ridley could feature Tim Fox as the new Batman – though this was after a year of stating it would be Luke Fox Not great for Batwing #19 speculation, but excellent for Batman #313 speculation, as first[...]
More Omnibuses Coming In September 2021 From Marvel and DC
And with The Next Batman featuring either Luke or Tim Fox as the Batman of the near future, so the entirety of the New 52 Batwing series in which he popped up from issue 19 onwards, is collected in Omnibus form for the first time Empyre also gets an Omnibus collecting the series and all[...]
Batman #313 Rockets On eBay After Joker War Zone Timothy Fox Rumours
And then the NEw 52 came along, wiped Tim Fox from continuity and replaced him with a different son, Luke Fox, who would become Batwing… Joker War Zone is out this week I bought mine from Piranha Comics in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Piranha Comics is a small south London comic store chain with a small south-east store in Kingston-Upon Thames's[...]
The Return Of Lucius Fox's Other Son, Tim Fox, in 2020
Luke Fox seemed to replace him in the Batman comics after the New 52 reboot. Art from Batman #313. But I understand that, as a result of this week's Batman: The Joker War Zone that we may be seeing a return of Tim Fox, courtesy of writer John Ridley, who is writing the upcoming Batman comic book[...]