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The New Face Of Batman In New York For DC Comics
Even more than the Magistrate's sky platform falling into Gotham Harbour and Simon Saint being put under house arrest. I Am Batman #5 by John Ridley and Steven Segovia. Firstly Lucius Fox realised who The Next Batman has been all this time, and turns off his own technology that has seen this new Batman hunted down across[...]
Spoilers: Robins, Foxes & Peacekeeprs in Batman Comics Today
Who is the mysterious figure? Given at that point, Bruce Wayne is meant to be dead… Could it be Lucius Fox? He helped set up the whole Magistrate system for Mayor Nakona and does seem to have some serious concern over the militarisation of the young. While Lucius Fox is observed from afar, with some other hidden secrets[...]
Tamara Fox's Fate Setting Up Next Batman Future State (Spoilers)
With Lucius Fox and Tanya Fox spending their days caring for their daughter. Batwing #30 She got better, mostly But in Future State, something had gone very wrong. Future State: The Next Batman #1 Hospitalised in a coma, the effects on the Fox family were felt by Gotham far and wide. Future State: The Next Batman #1 And Tanya Fox, unbeknownst to[...]
Fox News And The Fox Family In DC Comics' Future State (Spoilers)
In today's DC Comics' Future State: The Next Batman #4, we get a clue as to what it is that has traumatised Jace Fox, son of Lucius Fox and led him to becoming The Next Batman Maybe In his new down-to-Earth Batmobile, he sees someone in his way And goes all flashback. Jace Fox is the[...]
Dark Detective Future State Spoilers
So that may remain a mystery, but now we know why they were gunning for Bruce Wayne, even as Lucius Fox owned the entirety of Wayne Enterprises and was working with the Magistrate, developing technology, as was his legal eagle wife, Tanya Fox Who are also on the outs with Grifter… Future State: Dark Detective #3 So[...]
Next Batman #2
Lucius Fox, owner of the Wayne fortune has designed the technology behind The Magistrate, the Peacekeepers and the Cybers The technology that holds Gotham in a fascist grip, taking down any masked vigilantes with a shoot-on-sight policy And commissioned by Mayor Nakano, running on an anti-mask platform. We also learned that Lucius' daughter, Tamara Fox, was[...]
The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
Funny, the ACLU has usually been against the actions of armed vigilantes in the USA. Credit: DC But something bad happened to Tam involving a masked vigilante in Gotham, enough to put her on hospital and enough to turn Tanya Fox, and Lucius Fox, onto the side of The Magistrate. Credit: DC We know from the publicity that the[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Tim Fox, The Next Batman, What Of His Family?
We may be talking a fair bit about that today on this Future State link. Tim Fox is the original son of Lucius Fox from pre-Crisis continuity and recently returned to join Luke Fox and Tamra Fox as grown-up children of Lucius Fox and Tanya Fox. We are told with a broader perspective, that Tim Fox as[...]
A Better Look Under The Next Batman's Cowl For DC Future State
And that the new Batman would be the son of Lucius Fox – Luke Fox we presumed at the time. Then everything changed, DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio and instigator of 5G was fired, and 5G was canned, some of the planned material truncated and reassigned to the already-planned two-month editorial gap ahead of the 5G,[...]
Lucius Fox Behind More Wildstorm At DC Comics? (Batman #101 Spoilers)
Working for Lucius Fox, who has just informed Batman of his "Defund Batman" approach going forward Nuit if not Batman., what is Lucius spending his billions on? And how will Timothy Fox be involved? Well, Batman #101 gives us a clue… Is Lucius Fox Behind More Wildstorm At DC Comics? (Batman #101 Spoilers) Because while Grifter does[...]
Pennyworth Season 2 releases new key art, teaser, and casting news (Image: EPIX)
Set to kick off on December 13th, the series will release two episodes before its two-part midseason finale on December 27th (with the season's remaining episode set to premiere in 2021)- and we have new season key art and a teaser to mark the occasion. Pennyworth Season 2 releases new key art, teaser, and casting news[...]
Batman #313 Rockets On eBay After Joker War Zone Timothy Fox Rumours
But the word in yesterday's Joker War Zone story by John Ridley and Olivier Coipel that we may see a return to continuity of Timothy Fox, the son of Lucius Fox that Luke Fox replaced in the current continuity – and the possibility he may be the new Batman in Ridley's upcoming series rather than[...]
Defund Batman - How Bruce Wayne Changes In 2021 Thanks To Lucius Fox
Recently, Catwoman managed to steal it back and gift it to Lucius Fox, Batman's tech guru and advisor But is Lucius Fox going to give it back to Bruce? With the eyes of the world on Brice Wayne, is that even a good idea? Spoilers for today's Joker War Zone #1 ahead – and probably spoilers[...]
DC to Have Lucius Fox Almost Be Shot By Gotham Police
Bleeding Cool may even have a few spoilery aspects of them to tease yourself with, for the likes of Poison Ivy, Bane, Lucius Fox, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain But Bleeding Cool has been informed of one aspect one that may hit the headlines, as much as it reflects real-life playing out in real headlines[...]