Frank at Home On The Farm #1 Review: Eyes Watching From The Bleed

Frank At Home On The Farm #1, a new psychological thriller from Scout Comics, follows the eponymous character as he returns home from war to a surprisingly empty home. The issue begins with Frank trying to gather information on what may have happened to his missing family and gets stranger from there. Writer Jordan Thomas, who originally funded this series on Kickstarter, is joined by artist Clark Bint and letterer LetterSquids. Let's get into it.

Frank at Home #1 cover. Credit: Scout Comics
Frank at Home #1 cover. Credit: Scout Comics

Frank At Home On The Farm #1's main goal is to, above all, set the mood. There are panels so small that we purposely can't see what's going on, panels where Frank wakes up upside down, and that's not even to touch on what leers at us from the bleed of these pages. While this issue doesn't quite offer us enough information about Frank or his family to emotionally invest, it does succeed quite well in its goal of leaving the reader disoriented, disturbed, and curious.

There's little we know about Frank himself, which works in some ways. It does feel at points in the issue as if we are in Frank's shoes, confused, a stranger uprooted and put back to where he came from only to find that our original home is now unfamiliar. It doesn't make for a pleasant read, but it is an effectively curated experience. Jordan Thomas's script works well with the scratchy lines and unconventional panel structure of Clark Bint's artwork, which will at times leave the reader doing double takes trying to understand what's happening. This plays very well in the taxidermy scene early in these issues, but employing the same type of confusing, dialogue-free approach to Frank's wartime flashback feels like a missed opportunity to create investment in his character.

Overall, Frank At Home On The Farm #1 is a disturbing and effective experience in psychological terror that leaves the reader unnerved and curious.

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