Frank Miller's Sin City Goes Way Back In Time: Mid-20th Century, And Several Hundred Years Before That


Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello participated in an extremely engaging and unmoderated C2E2 panel earlier today, which covered a wide range of topics including various aspects of Miller's career and future plans. Miller dropped a tidbit about the Superman project he hopes to be able to announce with DC, and also about the next two Sin City projects he has planned:

Audience Question: Do you have anymore Sin City stories to tell?

Frank Miller: As long as I'm around, Sin City is not going to end. That's my mainstay. I've got the next one planned. Expect to go back in time for the next one… way back in time.

I have the next two Sin City's planned, and both take place in the past. One takes place in the mid-20th century, and the other takes place several hundred years before that.

Questioner: I heard a rumor that it was like… Jackie Boy, his origins or something?

Frank Miller: No. Jackie Boy's been done, I think we saw plenty of him, and he's about as dead as you can get. C'mon, he got part of a gun shoved in his head.

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