Friday Runaround – Batman, Spider-Man And Mountain Dew Cheetos


Marvel's Senior Talent guy, CB Cebulski, is on the trail of hunting down amazing new inspiration.


Spider-Man and Batman make the front pages of upcoming Previews with their new series, Batman Eternal and Amazing Spider-Man. The comics industry's two biggest names on front and back.



Buy this sketch and imagine who it might have been drawn for in happier times…


20140122__983674~p1_300Dover residence Dave Kot recently released what he claims is the first comic to feature an autistic superhero.

Since then, he said, local middle schools have requested copies to use for social skills courses for students with special needs. Doctor want copies to put in their waiting rooms, he said. "I am overwhelmed, in a good way," he said. "I could not have dreamt this amount of positive outreach." Kot writes the script, and the scene he is proudest of comes when the main character, Michael, goes to his middle school for the first time. The experience turns his world — and the comic panel — upside down. "It forces readers to literally look at somebody with autism differently than they may have expected," he said.


A new Doc Savage novel based upon an unproduced Lester Dent comic strip has been announced.

Pulp fiction author Will Murray, working from unpublished manuscript material found among the papers of Doc Savage originator Lester Dent, has produced another thrilling exploit in the longrunning saga of the Man of Bronze, the greatest adventure hero of all time. When a passing steamer rescues a beautiful blonde castaway marooned on a tropical isle, it sets in motion a chain of events that could rock the world. Who is this shipwrecked girl? Why does she refuse to reveal her name? Most importantly, why does she demand that Doc Savage work for her with no questions asked? The amazing answers can only be found on a nameless Caribbean isle and an unfindable lagoon that holds a momentous secret.


Troubadour, is a new interactive graphic novel from an XBox producer and strategist, created in his spare time.

Doty tells Joystiq he's had the idea for over two years now and that Troubadour is chiefly about "our own social anxieties and the consequences we face when technology permeates so much of our world" – even if those consequences aren't all bad.

There's definitely a place for technology to assist us in communicating with others or help us relax after a stressful day, but we have to maintain a healthy level of moderation like anything else in life." Doty goes on to say social media presents us with a means to interact with people we otherwise wouldn't be able to know, but that it also presents a problem to those who abuse it and isolate themselves from physical society. "Part of Troubadour is questioning how we enthusiastically welcome new technology into our lives while ignoring what potential new points of stress they bring. This topic really resonated with me while reading What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly."


Take a look at Marvel's new New Warriors…

New_Warriors_1_Cover New_Warriors_1_Samnee_Animal_Variant New_Warriors_1_Preview_1 New_Warriors_1_Preview_2 New_Warriors_1_Preview_3

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