Full Panel Coverage Of DC Comics: Champions Of Justice

 Dimitrios Haritos writes for Bleeding Cool:

The DC Comics: Champions of Justice panel was held with many of the DC talent on hand, From Tony Daniel (Deathstroke), David Finch,(Wonder Woman), Geoff Johns (Justice League, Superman), Paul Levitz (Worlds' Finest), Greg Pak and  Aaron Kuder (Action Comics), Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Gotham by Midnight), Tim Seeley and Tom King (Grayson) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, GI Zombie).


They started by talking with Johns about Justice League on how Lex Luthor is learning about helping people and exactly what that means to him and what he thinks helping means. Johns discusses the merging between Lex Corp. and Wayne Enterprises and how Batman wants to keep Lex close until he messes up and can gather information on the dirty deeds he has done. Next up Johns talks about Superman and how he wants to focus more on the "man" in Superman. And that issue 40 will be a Lois Lane story then  after that they will jump into their next arc which will incorporate other DC Characters and Batman will be showing up in it.


They moved on to Pak and Kuder they discuss how starting with issue 35 Action Comics will begin a new arc called Horrorville. Lana Lang and Steel will have big roles and Kuder says how really enjoys drawing monsters that are creepy awesome. Pak then goes into Batman/Superman and that the arc will deal with Superman and Batman loosing their memories and how since Batman doesn't remember the death of his parents he becomes excited to discover that he has all these cool gadgets and the batmobile. They show us a page where Batman is smiling giving Lois a thumbs up.


Levitz then begins discussing Worlds' Finest and how they are going back 5- 6 years to show you the histories of Batman and Superman. They want to roll back and look at Earth 2 before the Darkseid attacks begain. They are even going to show us how Krypton dies and sends Kal El to earth. Finch comes up next to discuss Wonder Woman, he is currently working on issue 3 and that Meredith Finch can talk more about it and she comes up to the stage. She talks about how excited she is to be working on the book and that it looks gorgeous.


Deathstroke is next with Daniel who says that he is putting his own stamp on the character and how it reboot him a bit. He can't really give us any details but the book will be ultra violent, sexy and then more violent. Palmiotti then begins to tell us about the next Harley Quinn arc. It will be 3 parts and she will team up with Power Girl who is suffering from amnesia. Harley convinces Power Girl they are a superhero team and that in issue 2 the issue will go cosmic. They then show some art from the rub and sniff cover to the Harley Quinn annual Palmioti says you can rub her leg and smell the sun tan lotion she is putting on, he ends by briefly telling us what GI Zombie is about and hopes people pick it up and enjoy it.

The writing team of Seeley and King talk about Grayson and they joke that the issue will be canceled in two months. They mention how important it was to deal with Grayson using a gun and they didn't want to shy away from it and they decided to tackle the issue head on. Constantine writer Fawkes then talks briefly about how the book ties into World's End and Earth 2. Constantine will be pulled to Earth 2 and just about every mage on the planet will be after him so they can use his as a gateway to leave Earth 2 and jump over to Earth 0. He switches over to Gotham by Midnight and what a dark and gritty book it is.

They wrapped up the panel with a Q&A where one fan asked about diversity of characters and Fawkes says how important it is and Pak then chimes in saying that they were very aware of the issue and when creating characters like Ghost Soldier who is Native American they want to have a diverse cast. Pak then says if they like Steel  there may be some romance between him and Lana. 

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