Fundraising Appeal To Open New Comic Store In Salem, As More Allegations Let Fly Around Harrison's Comics

Last year we ran a story about a comic store in conflict with one of its employees. The writer Jennifer Williams and Harrison's Comics owned by Larry Harrison.

You may remember…

It went wide, and after much publicity, they finally made some kind of response.

I wonder if they'll be quicker this time? Ex-store manager, comic artist and an old acquaintance of mine, Kris Carter, got in touch. You may recognise some of the names.

I have been a store manager for Harrison's LLC for the past 3 years and 1 month. This past Monday December 7th I got a text from my Assistant manager April Fererro that Larry Harrison, Julien Lebeck, and James Tournas were in the store. At first I thought nothing of it because it was not that unusual for Larry to visit his stores with an entourage.

A few minutes later I got the text that April was fired on the spot and I was told Larry would call me. I immediately got on the phone and tried to figure out what was going on. Larry avoided me for 3 hours as I kept calling his phone and the store phone. Eventually Julien answered the phone letting me know to keep waiting. I used the *67 trick on my cell phone so my number wouldn't show up and Larry finally answered and let me know that were all fired, including my only other employee Peter Daigle, because he wanted to "go in a new direction"

Larry didn't know that the management company was sending duplicates of the overdue lease payments/eviction notices to my store addressed to me. I am assuming he knows now, since all of that paperwork was in my desk at the store.

He is now concocting a story that we were let go because of receiving stolen property. This is a complete fabrication.

I know that Larry is also planning on shutting down his warehouse and the remnants of my store in Hudson NH. Firing everyone there without severance or notice just like he did to us.

There have been numerous issues with my employees and regulars being able to retrieve their belongings from the store, going so far as to call the police on Peter Daigle to make him appear as a threat just to get him riled up.

Larry has Julien Lebeck acting as store manager of Hudson for the time being.

MEG properties in Hudson NH is the owner of the facility that is being leased by Harrisons LLC and Larry has every intention of never paying them or the previous location's past due rent.

That's right, he's done this before, with this store. Last April we were forced to moved the store from Nashua NH to Hudson NH because Larry Harrison failed to pay the lease.

As a disclaimer I got paid under the table for my entire time as an employee, a lot of his employees are under the table and off the books. Therefore we cannot get unemployment assistance while we look for new employment.

Looks like the Boycott Harrisons campaign just had some more fuel added to the fire. Sarah Carter also got on the case after talking to the local police.

12316627_1733820490184283_8366397076499116419_nThat post appears to have been deleted. Harrison's Comics did not return enquiries made yesterday. But a Go Fund Me page has started to help Kris open his own comic book store as a rival to Harrison's…. and they are serious.

Our aim is to make all this happen in two months, funding or not. Every little bit will make a huge difference though. Bear in mind that you won't just be helping us out, because this store is not simply one man's dream. This store is the ambition of an entire community of awesome people; people that miss their home. You'll be giving us a place to hang out with old friends and meet new ones, and a place to enjoy our many varied passions. You'll be supporting a vibrant hub for pop culture and entertainment, and we simply cannot thank you enough for it.

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