More On The Future Of The DC Universe (Batwoman And Justice League Spoilers)

That's the thing about the DC Universe. They just love showing us the future. Even if that future never comes to pass, seriously, did anything in Five Years Later come true? Anyway… today's Justice League looks far ahead while Batwoman Rebirth looks a little closer to the current timeline.

Talking of which, there may be an upcoming issue. Batwoman Rebirth #1 retells to story of Kathy Kane being kicked out of the military for stating that she was gay. That was repealed at the end of 2011, five-and-a-bit years ago. Which means her age is going to be fixed in that window going forward. If she was 22 then, she'll be at least 28 now – and that date will be fixed. The Punisher recently was no longer in Vietnam, Mr Fantastic and Ben Grimm no longer served in World War II… could this be the first piece of DC Rebirth continuity that may need rebooting in the future?

Of course, the Justice League knows all about that kind of thing today.


Because it's time travel! Which means the first DC Rebirth look at the world of the Legion Of Superheroes…


Or something a little OMAC-fascist from the 25th Century.



Looks like someone built the wall… while Flash looks like he may be about to rewrite his own history…

But the future for Batwoman may be a bit more imminent. And something rather different from her current role in Detective Comics. For a start… the cowl is coming off. Secret identities are so passe. She can be open about her sexuality no matter the cost., What about the rest of her secrets?


And plenty more to come…


Justice League #15 by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan is published today, as is Batwoman Rebirth #1 by Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion and Steve Epting.

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