These Are Your Grandfather's Comics Or At Least A Grandfather's Comics

Could this be the birth of a new definition of the grandfather paradox? Do you want to feel really, really old? Here's an instant way for any longstanding comic book fan. Reddit user RallyRolly recently posted the following photo to Reddit/r/comicbooks with the headline "Just found these at my grandpas storage room, epic." Shared with Bleeding Cool, with permission.

These Are Your Grandfather's Comics
These Are Your Grandfather's Comics Or At Least A Grandfather's Comics. Photo by RallyRolly, used with permission.

Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man, Starlin and Perez' Infinity Gauntlet, GI Joe, Quasar, Nomad, Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, Death Of Superman, Wonder Man, Death In The Family, Silver Surfer, Youngblood Strikefile, Darkhawk, a lot of nineties staples with a few stragglers from the eighties. And a tendency to plump for the collectable covers of the day as well.

But these are now, officially, grandfather's comic books. The grandfather in question is in his mid-sixties. I am old, you are old, we are all old. And oh look, there's The Shield revival from DC/Archie Comics as well.

Sadly the Death Of Superman won't put you through college. Those copies of Infinity Gauntlet may pay for a few week's worth of shopping. That Dawkhawk #1 has been picking up interest as well, a raw copy in decent nick just sold for $100 with movie rumours buzzing around the place again. Silver Surfer #50 and Wolverine #50 are always die-cut bankers and you should always have room for Batman: A Death In The Family. We should be talking a few hundred dollars for that little lot, right? Some of this kind of eighties/nineties groupthink managed to pull throughg.

Oh man, look, there's even Armageddon 2001, the comic book that DC changed the entire ending of because the Comic Buyers Guide went and spoiled the ending to a tiny proportion of its readership. Shows how much things change, as Heroes In Crisis just ploughed on…

Anyone else have a comic book collection from an elderly relative to add some further perspective on this sort of thing.

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