Has Mark Millar And Gorlan Parlov's Starlight Been De-Flash Gordoned?

Mark Millar talked about his new series Starlight, created with Gorlan Parlov, over at CBR.

"Starlight" is my love letter to all the sci-fi serials I was obsessed with as a kid. It's odd, but growing up with older parents I was into all these things nobody else really watched and I was obsessed with everything from the Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies to all the old sci-fi serials. That stuff really means as much to me as superheroes. That mainstream sci-fi thing resonates on so many levels for me and I've always wanted to do something in that genre. It's one of the things that John Cassaday and I bonded over years ago: we both had all those things on DVD. I love "Buck Rogers" and "Commander Cody." I'm probably the only guy in a thousand mile radius who has every episode of "Undersea Kingdom."

But there was one name he was missing. That of Flash Gordon. Which is odd, because initially he couldn't stop himself from using it.

The comic, drawn by Goran Parlov and due to be published by Image in March, is described by Millar as Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight Returns.

So why no mention this time around?

It's not just the sales pitch that has changed. So has the colour of Duke's hair from the original promotional cover to the new one.



Blonde hair has become dark hair. And it's not just the lighting, the internal pages have changed as well.




The cover also has lost the Flash Gordon-esque fight with the Ming-type character.

Do you think, perhaps, m'learned friends representing the Flash Gordon property might have been in touch?

Oh and as Mark Millar looks to tie up certain of his Millarworld properties into a linked continuity, don't the giant alien priests from Starlight…

RocketMan-3-46606…look a little like the giant aliens from Jupiter's Legacy? JL4-preview-5-9a870

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