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Heavy Metal Collects Bob Fingerman's Pariah In February 2022 Solicits

Heavy Metal Magazine will be collection Bob Fingerman's Pariah – Redux in trade paperback form in February. The iconoclastic comic book creator is best known for his Minimum Wage comic book series but has been knocking around Heavy Metal for the last couple of years. including a comic book take on his own post apocalyptic novel, Pariah. Here's a look at everything Heavy Metal has solicited for February 2022.

DEC211650 – HEAVY METAL #314 CVR B JUNG GI (MR) – 13.99
(W) Various, Ron Marz, Matt Medney, Joe Harris, Brendan Columbus, Steve Orlando (A) Armitano, German Ponce, Al Barrionuevo, Ivan Shavrin, Santa Fung, Various (CA) Kim Jung Gi
The first of four interconnected covers by the master illustrator Kim Jung Gi. The saga of Adrienne James continues Heavy Metal's "female Indiana Jones in space!", by Matthew Medney and Bruce Edwards with Santa Fung! The conclusions of the small-town horror of Savage Circus by Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo and the space saga of Darkwing by Medney and Ponce. A new installment of Ron Marz' and Armitano's Swamp God, and the debut of Death Defied by Joe Harris!
In Shops: Jan 26, 2022
SRP: 13.99

(W) Bob Fingerman (A) Bob Fingerman
In a modest Manhattan walk-up, a group of survivors are on their last legs. As the end seems nigh, a teenage girl is spotted on the avenue, not only alive but repelling the undead like Moses parting the Red Sea. When she comes to their aid questions of who, what and why she's immune to attack arise. Almost like a play, this single location-centric story features a strong cast of archetypal, yet fully fleshed-out, distinct, characters. Pariah sets the classic zombie tropes on their ear as the element of immunity to attack is introduced into the mix. Contemporary, but also taking cues from the classic New York cinema of Martin Scorcese, Neil Simon, Woody Allen and other gritty cinema and literature, Pariah thrusts the reader into a truly dire survivors' tale, capturing the desperation and resolve of its disparate cast.
In Shops: Nov 10, 2021
SRP: 19.99

(W) Brendan Columbus (A / CA) Al Barrionuevo
The town of Basin Bay is under attack! A heist underway by a group of thieves! Strange creatures on the loose! The police are outnumbered! How is the mysterious man named Lewis Savage going to help turn the tide? Die Hard meets Jurassic Park in the adventure of a lifetime.
In Shops: Dec 29, 2021
SRP: 2.99

(W) Matt Medney, Morgan Rosenblum (A) Francesco Pisa
Three arks. Two worlds. One chance at survival.  On an Earth with a dying Sun, there are two kinds of people. The Chosen. And the left behind. We thought it was over. We thought our days as a species were numbered. But then, then a miracle happened. We received a transmission from an alien civilization that knew we needed help. So they threw us a life raft in the form of designs for Space Arks, we built 3. Interstellar capable, with pre-programmed coordinates to bring us to their home world, a place we were told could be called home. 100,000 humans per Ark, chosen to represent the best in us, a last ditch effort to save humanity. Do I trust these aliens? hell no. but what choice do we have?
In Shops: Feb 16, 2022
SRP: 24.99

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