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George Romero Launches Cold Dear War in Heavy Metal October 2020
Last month Bleeding Cool scooped the news that questions were being raised over Heavy Metal Magazine's decision to publish new comic book series based on Dan O'Bannon's B-17 story from the Heavy Metal animated movie One cover-featured story ran in Heavy Metal Magazine #300 Another was a sequel series called Cold Dead War written by[...]
Maiden, Taarna, Black Beacon, Rise, Heavy Metal December 2020 Solicits
Big launches for Heavy Metal Magazine in December, with Maiden by the legendary Bart Sears, a new Taarna series by Stephanie Phillips and Patrick Zircher, The Rise from George C Romero and Diego Yapur and Black Beacon from Ryan Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz – a number of which also appear in December's Heavy Metal Magazine[...]
16 Peach Momoko Comics Sold, Raw on eBay for Over $100 Each
She drew a couple of stories picked up by Grant Morrison when he was EIC of Heavy Metal Magazine and has since become the hottest cover art variant creator in the business Here's the hotter comics she's been involved with – and the prices she's getting on eBay These are comics that have not been[...]
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Heavy Metal Magazine will be broadcasting live over their Instagram account this week, as the comics industry remains on coronavirus pandemic lockdown, with a live storytelling session every day at 2pm ET, 11am PT and 6pm GMT – oh that's in, like a quarter of an hour or something Okay, better type this up fast. Here[...]
Tim Seeley is the New Editor-In-Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine
It seems that the masthead of the new issue of sci-fi/fantasy comics anthology Heavy Metal Magazine #298 was deliberately not included in previews of the magazine, which hit stores this week After all, Heavy Metal had plenty of stories about appointing and moving around their executives and pushing out Kevin Eastman as Publisher, and wanted[...]
Heavy Metal Magazine #294
Out this week is Heavy Metal Magazine #29 – the Industrial Issue And Bleeding Cool has quite a few preview pages to look at… We begin with three pages of INF3RNo, a story about a future world where chip implants measure your holiness and your computer program life after death, only a girl gets sent to[...]
Heavy Metal Magazine
Heavy Metal Magazine editor-in-chief and comics legend Grant Morrison talks fetish in the March 2018 issue. JAN181738 HEAVY METAL #291 (MR) (C: 0-1-0) (W/A) Various The Fetish Issue! Editor-In-Chief Grant Morrison serves up a new selection of fetish related tales written by an international group of talented creators Creators MF Wilson, James Harvey, and the master himself, Grant Morrison, deliver some titillating[...]
Jack Kirby's Operation Argo Artwork In Heavy Metal For August
Jack Kirby's Lord Of Light for Heavy Metal Magazine, in August And for a magazine that has been so audacious in its use of artists over the decades, this is his first appearance in it. We're beyond proud to present the King of Comics' mind-blowing artwork in the pages of our hallowed (and now humbled) magazine![...]