Here's The Han Solo Cover Frank Cho Drew After His Princess Leia Cover Was Rejected

Howdy, folks! As the world gets ready to drink heavily in preparation for the coming of 2017, we expect the 24 hour comics new cycle to hit a bit of a lull for the next few days. But fear not! Just because there's nothing noteworthy to report doesn't mean your favorite comic book websites will stop reporting them! It just means we have to get creative, is all. Luckily, Bleeding Cool has a shortcut for creativity. That's right, we're talking about our world-famous WHEEL OF STORIES, which provides us with topics to write about on even the slowest of news days!


Let's spin the wheel and see what our readers want to hear about today…

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What is Frank Cho up to? Our personal favorite! Okay, let's see…

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston showed you Frank Cho's unused Princess Leia variant cover for a Star Wars comic, posted to Facebook as a "tribute." It's Frank Cho, who suffers from a serious medical condition which causes him to live in a constant state of heightened sexual arousal, so of course he drew her in the Slave Leia costume, with boobs as large as her head. Unfortunately for Cho (gotta read those contracts, bro), Disney had by this time instituted a policy of producing no more Slave Leia merchandise, since the actress herself and many fans found the use of the costume exploitative and demeaning. So the cover was rejected, and Cho drew another one. Since drawing Leia with clothes on clearly wasn't an option, Cho drew a Han Solo cover to replace it (jokes on you Disney, the Leia in the bottom corner is actually nude below where the page cuts off). Cho posted that cover to Facebook the following day, and here it is:


This cover did see print, but only after a change, as Cho was asked to remove the "I Know." More censorship! Rarrgh! Outrage!


So there you have it! We'll be spinning the WHEEL OF STORIES all day long, so keep checking back on Bleeding Cool… we know you've got nothing better to do.

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