George Evans' Strange Suspense Stories #3 Loses Its Head, at Auction

A headless man attacks an innocent woman on the cover of Strange Suspense Stories #3, taking bids at Heritage Auctions today.

Strange Suspense Stories #3 features quite the fun horror cover. George Evans is responsible for this one, featuring a headless man attacking a woman with one of the worst colored sweaters of all-time. The composition of the cover is awesome, though. Such a mundane setting for something so macabre. Published in 1952, by Fawcett, this comic is up for bidding today at Heritage Auctions and is as good of a vintage raw comic of this kind is going to get. Currently, it can be yours for only $26, which would be a steal. Take a look at the cover down below, and read some details about the stories inside.

Strange Suspense Stories #3 Loses Its Head At Heritage Auctions
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Strange Suspense Stories

"Strange Suspense Stories #3 (Fawcett Publications, 1952) Condition: FN. George Evans voodoo doll cover and art. Bernard Baily art. There is some staining to the back cover. Overstreet 2022 FN 6.0 value = $135. Cover art by George Evans. Edited by Will Lieberson, Roy Ald, and Al Jetter. Terrifying pre-code stories: "Brother Volcano," art by George Evans; The village of Arbendino is taken over by ruthless investors and the good people are driven from their homes; But a volcano inhabiting the soul of the village founders brother watches over them and destroys the invaders with streams of molten lava. "Port of Terror," art by Bernard Baily; The gambler Wolf Merique beheads an angry sailor cheated by him at cards. Now he gets chased all over his boat by the headless corpse in search for a head. "St. André" text story by John C. Adler. "Mirrors Tell Tales," art by Morris "Mo" Marcus; The embezzler Andrew Crosston undergoes plastic surgery to escape police prosecution; As he kills the doctor operating on him, Crosston is cursed to see his former face in any reflecting surface. 36 pgs., full color. $0.10. NOTE: There is also a 1967-69 series with issues running #1-9 with 12c cover prices. Cover price $0.10."

One of these days, I will get in a bunch of these to my store and I will keep them. Whenever I do get them in, I read them all, and some of the best storytelling can be found in these old anthology books. In today's "CGC everything" world, it can be really nice to just sit down with comics history like this and spend an afternoon marveling at what these creators did for the medium back then. Go here and place a bid on this book, and while you are there, go ahead and peak at the other books taking bids today.

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