Some Hints for Tomorrow's Doomsday Clock #2 Revealed in New DC Video

DC have recently posted a new teaser video for the second issue of Doomsday Clock, by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson, which is released tomorrow (unless your comic store is delayed by the Christmas break) that suggest what readers might be able to expect.

For one, it would seem to suggest that we'll be getting more time in the DC Universe in this issue, unlike the opening issue which was almost entirely set within the Watchmen Universe.

However, there's a little more to the video. Because in almost blink and you'll miss it fashion, a website link appears in the video.

This website link, which redirects here, shows a fictional news (fake news?) page, which makes some suggestions on what we can expect in tomorrow's issue.

Beware, if you wish to go into the issue completely unspoiled, go no further. But remember this link, as if Watchmen is anything to go by, we can expect any and all kinds of tangential material actually holding more worth than you originally think.


The 'news site' seems to suggest that a story, or more accurately, a theory has been making waves among the societies of the world, and in particular the superhuman community at large. This so called 'Supermen Theory' by one Dr. Helga Jace posits that the reason that the majority of the world's metahuman population are found in America is because they are the products of US Government involvement, creating a stockpile of living weapons to make the US leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world in a new arms race.

There's hints however that there is more to this than meets the eye, and it may even be some kind of scheme from Lex Luthor himself.

It is also worth bearing in mind that this is bringing events in the DC Universe that mirror the Watchmen Universe, as public opinion seems to be turning against the superheroes and a desire to know the truth about them is not a million miles away from the Keene Act, which led to the unmasking of crime fighters and by-and-large dissolution of superheroes.

But maybe there's other elements to take note of on the page? For me, there's an ad towards the bottom for 'Travodart'…funny that medicine should be advertised right next to an article talking about a race between Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp over metahuman genetic research.

So, if you would like to pour over the page in preparation for Doomsday Clock #2 tomorrow, you never know what you might find.

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